Calgary 9/11 Truth Makes Local Mainstream CTV News

Surprisingly fair news coverage by the local CTV News station from the Calgary 9/11 Truth action on September 11, 2007. Thank you to Nathan Moulton for this video.

good job guys!!!! CTV

good job guys!!!!

CTV Winnipeg didn't feel it was a worthy news story that we were all outside their door demanding 9/11 truth.

Great coverage Calgary!

I'm a bit disappointed, CTV was with us for 2 hrs on the 11th in Vancouver as well and they didn't air anything that they taped ton us o my knowledge... but we're getting there regardless, always good to see Canadian activism!

You'd never see that on an

You'd never see that on an American channel with an audience of more than 100.

It was like a commercial. Very surprising.

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Awesome coverage!

Great job guys! Yeah, I don't think truth squads in the US have gotten this fair of coverage by local media.


yeah.. you're right it was like a commercial. at least on level ground with whatever news they offer of groups not related to 9/11.

the worst part was their wording of 'of what THEY feel is a 9/11 conspiracy'

and nobody else thinks 9/11 had a conspiracy? i mean..we got either 19 hijackers, or a faction in the government..either way, a damn conspiracy.
should'a been a little more specific, like 'of what THEY feel is a 9/11 _government_ conspiracy'....ah that's better.

i know the word 'conspiracy' is being transformed like the word 'gay'...a word that used to mean happy, but now homosexual. conspiracy used to mean a plot between 2 or more people to committ a means 'ridiculous unpopular idea about a popular subject' (even if said ridiculous, unpopular idea suggests nothing of an actual conspiracy being afoot). it's to the point where if i suggest apple products suck, i can be easily called a conspiracist.

it's really tiring. seems the only time people take the word 'conspiracy' for it's real meaning, is when the government uses the term. then it clicks in people's minds 'oh, yeah, that LEGAL use of the term..'

i know it happens on such a scale that it's really hard to bother addressing, and no shock at all to hear it used again...but i just had to throw that in.

still a great spot nonetheless.

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Surprisingly Fair Treatment!

What? 9/11 has become a respectable news story? No need to attach a gratuitous dismissal at the very end as a parting shot? My, my, the times they are a changin'!

...don't believe them!