Who is having problems getting 911Blogger.com pages ?

Herblay FRANCE

Bonsoir ,

Since a week I am having trouble to get 911Blogger.com. Either the time getting the news screen is very long ( ~2 minutes ) or there is a google screen that informs me that there has been a time out. This week-end it is even worse. Is any one else on this 911Blogger.com. having the same probem ?

Thanks for your replies


I believe we had some

I believe we had some downtime last night and this morning, which may have been related to some database issues. As of now, I believe the problems are resolved, however, if anyone is still having issues, let me know.

no problems

I Havent had any problems

I have had problems off and on for a few days

sometimes the site will not come up at all, other times its very slow, however today its not too bad.

Yes, that pretty much

sums up my experience the last week or so.

I am located in Stockholm.

Yep me too

Yep, I have problems too.
Slow as hell, and sometimes not accessible.


Same here

past week or so has been slow as hell when I could even get on. It's been a little better today so far.

Ditto on slow access.

Ditto on slow access.

same here

slow or not at all, as the saying goes.

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problems last week

very slow...site would not come up. No problems today.

The site needs a server

The site needs a server bandwidth upgrade.

Sorry folks, I didn't

Sorry folks, I didn't realize people were having all these problems. I don't think its a bandwidth issue, but more of a database thing, I'll see if I can figure it out...

Me too

I have it on my favorites. When i click on it. No web page is loaded.

Inaccessible almost all day Saturday 9-29

I gave up trying early Sunday morning. The page wouldn't even load from Los Angeles. Same problems intermittently this past week. :(

From just afternoon till late eve before going night-night, 9-29

Complete denial through three different ISPs in DC Metro and northern Virginia. On/Off slow-loading all week.

Similar slowness in SLC, UT

I've noticed very slow connections and a missing post this weekend. I believe that Salt Lake City was one of the original 8 ARPANet nodes (Internet's TCP/IP "Grandpa"), and we usually have pretty quick internet connections. Is Denver seeing this too? Maybe we've got an "east coast/west coast" thing. I'd normally expect Europe and Alaska to be slower than continental US connections IMHO.

Update- just tried a traceroute, and the connection looks pretty slow between SLC and Chicago...

Mr. NSA "Big Brother", you're not redirecting or logging our ISP traffic are you??

It is usually this node

ae-23-56.car3.Chicago1.Level3.net that is the hangup for me although I haven't run a trace route when I can not get through at all yet.

Give us clues to how to trace our own link


At work my colleagues have to sometimes trace the path to the URL to understand why a link is too slow. Can you give us more details on how we should do a trace like you ?



well there are a few ways to do it

but the easiest way that anybody can do is use a program like "Visual Route" http://visualroute.visualware.com/
Visual Route as the name implies gives you a visual on a map of what route it takes from your PC to whatever IP address you are tracing.

You can do the old "Tracert" that is embedded in Windows however it more nerdy/complicated and not as useful as Visual Route.

You get to it with a command prompt Start => Run => CMD => tracert

No access at all yesterday PM (Saturday)

Even slower than usual today, Sunday

Next time it happens

IF it does, I will run a line trace and see where the hang up is.
I should have done that a week ago.

Yes-very sluggish at Google

I just tried Yahoo as a quick comparison to my usual home page at Google- what a difference, no lag at all. Google is doing something to slow folks down I suspect, or perhaps it needs some Geritol.

Reply time too long Thursday 04/10/2007 21h58 French hour

Thursday 04/10/2007 21h58 French time

53 seconds to load the search tab.

Are there so many people connecting to 911Blogger that the band width is not big enough ?

Reply time too long Thursday 04/10/2007 21h58 French hour

Thursday 04/10/2007 21h58 French time

53 seconds to load the search tab.

Are there so many people connecting to 911Blogger that the band width is not big enough ?

Yours John

Getting a page from 911blogger is still loo long here in France


Bonjour ,

Yesterday Friday the 12th at 13h00 and 14h00 and after 21h00 French time the reply time was extremely long ( nearly 1 minute for each page change )

Today it is the same 10H00 TO 11H00 and now between 14h00 and 14h30 you have to be extremly patient to wait for a reply.

What is happening? Does the 911Blogger team have a reply ? Are too many people connecting to this site ? How many conections are there simultaneously ?

Is it possible to show on the web page the number of connections at the moment of getting the page ? This way we can organise ourselves to connect when it is less busy.

Yours John