WeAreChangeSeattle interviews Guiliani

Here is footage of Giuliani on 09/29/07 in Kirkland, WA just outside of Seattle being interviewed by We Are Change Seattle.

Local News coverage mentions 9/11 Truth presence but get signage wrong.

excellent work!

We Are Change Seattle is another group that is on the forefront of this movement! Excellent questions! Excellent composure in the face of that criminal! Excellent video!

Justin A. Martell

In a soldier's stance, I aimed my hand at the mongrel dogs who teach! Fearing not that I'd become my enemy in the instant that I preach! My pathway led by confusion boats...mutiny from stern to bow!

You guys are great too!

Greetings from Malaysia Justin!

You guys are doing a fantastic job too. We have to keep the heat on these men who call themselves leaders but blatantly defy the CONSTITUTION and have no regard for human life or the truth.

Just watching Rudy lie and lie and lie again makes me harden my resolve to never stop exposing their complicity in this act of treason that was committed out 6 yrs ago.

I lost 4 of my fellow citizens that day because Al-Qaeda or is it Al-CIA managed to defeat NORAD.

Go figure.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it.

What more can I say?

Just to watch "Mr. 9/11" lie through his teeth blows my mind. No remorse or guilt at all. You "We are Change" people are doing a bang-up job. We must keep the heat on those sub-human scum bags. Especially that thug. He should be in Leavenworth, not the Oval Office.

Great job guys...

Rudy is coming to Chicago this Thursday, October 4th, and I plan on being there with some friends.

I've put together some good reports and good facts, with your guys help.


I read the NY Times article about the time that he apparently spent at Ground Zero shortly thereafter. I didn't see in that article, however, the account about the hours spent chasing the Yankees. Where did you guys see or read that?


Nicely done Seattle!!

You guys kick ass!! Your questions were very professional, and you sounded so educated and calm. I think too many times we have people to emotionally caught up with 9/11 that attempt to question some of the criminals involved, and they end up looking like idiots. Seattle pulled it off though.. You made him shake in his boots and run off like a coward.... geesh, the pressure of being a murderer!!!!!!!! Wish I could have been there with you guys!!! Salina