Tampa 9/11 Truth Sweeps Olympics!


In a feat not even matched by Mark Spitz, winner of 7 Olympic Gold medals, Mia Hamel of Tampa 9/11 Truth triumphed at the Tampa Bay Senior Olympics, winning 9 golds and one silver medal in track and field events and earning the best overall trophy in her age group (Junior Seniors if you please!).

Wearing 9/11 T-shirts in all events and brandishing 9/11 dvds at the banquet, some will remember her for her athletic prowess and others for her animated discussion of why the crimes of that decisive day have not passed quietly into history, but remain as timely and important today as the very day of 9/11/01 itself, and deserve to be revisited and scrutinized by all who are concerned with the downward spiraling trajectory of our once great nation.

Interviewed about the games, Hamel states: “The toughest challenge occurred at the awards banquet at my table of 5 women and two alpha males. When one of the men asked “So…what REALLY happened?” in response to my T-shirt, the brief exchange that followed led to an angry snarl about ‘Conspiracy Theorists’.


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Congratulations, Mia!

Congratulations on ALL of your achievements, Mia! Fabulous work on the track AND at the banquet. I know it took courage being outnumbered by fellow athletes who still believe the OCT, but kudos to you for bravely standing up for the truth!

Truth and justice WILL prevail. Way to go!


9/11 Truth has caught on primarily with the 16-30 crowd. Spreading Truth with an older group could make a huge difference. Not to mention, having seniors on your side who are more likely to be taken seriously. This is great activism.

Courageous, intelligent, and athletic. That's my kind of gal! :-D

Great to see this

Mia is an inspiration.

brave souls

are the best souls..


You are truly

a renaissance woman!