Air America Survey

From Jesse Richard at TV News Lies

I rarely use this email list for anything other than my newsletters,
which have been few these days. (Regular mailings will resume shortly

Today however I am asking you to take a few minutes and fill out this
survey with

I told them that I don't listen to them anymore, since they let Mike
Malloy go. I wrote that they do not address the most serious issues like
9/11 and the very real fact that we have had several electoral coups.

Where they ask where I get my news I told them at

Where they as what kind of show I want to hear on AirAmericaRadio I
told them I wanted to hear the daily media expose, with me
as a host!

If you folks appreciate what I do and you can spare three minutes to
take the survey...and if you share my opinion...please take their survey!

Jesse Richard - Editor,

Take Back Air America.

Damn Joe. I'm glad you posted this. I was going to post it yesterday, but decided not to. Here are more ways to get in touch with the Air America crowd. Sam Seder put out this call to get people's feedback...

"I’ve been with Air America since it’s launch nearly four years ago and I have to say, I don’t think the company has been terribly responsive to you, our listeners. It seems like it’s been company policy to specifically not ask you what you want to hear or see at Well, I’d like to change that and if any of the suits have a beef with it- they know where to send the pink slip."

Survey -


If we can take back Air America the rest of the media will have to take notice. We have to believe its possible.

P.S. I filled out the survey and told them about, how much I think of Mike Malloy. How I respect any host who will intelligently discuss the issues surrounding 9/11, etc etc.


I responded to the survey and expressed my opinions about such things as:

Mike Malloy
Thom Hartmann

...and more.
Many hands make light work!
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