Many Pakistanis believe Osama is CIA agent working for US (Good Morning America)


Americans believe this as well.

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Yeah there is alot...

Was it just me or did in anyone else find the shock of his reaction kind of funny?
Check out G. Edward Griffin's new website:


At the very end of the video, it is stated that OBL never used the term Al-Qaeda before 9/11. Is that really so? It is my understanding that Ali Mohamed described Al-Qaeda in the mid-90's, but then again we know for a fact that he worked for the CIA, FBI, and Special Forces.

Bush's GOD is Gold, Oil, and Drugs.

That last clip is from the

That last clip is from the Power of Nightmares (BBC Doc). So even that statement from the clip, which times did OBL actually use the term Al-Qaeda? During one of the faked audio/video tapes released well after 9/11 or in the video of him denying any involvement...

So he may have NEVER used the term Al-Qaeda.
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For more on this point

see Jason Burke's book Al Qaeda: Casting a Shadow of Power.

No problem they already know that 911 was an inside job !

Herblay FRANCE ,


I have always been scared of the Arab reaction when they learn of the monstrous lie with the 911 attacks.

No problem they already know that 911 was an inside job. However it would normal that they have an official excuse from America , that America pays for the deaths and war damages and that the real culprits are internationally put on trial.

Hoping that this will all come about by peaceful methods.

Yours John

How in all the World...

..Could ANY arab whatsoever work against his own kind in the manner that Mr bin Laden has?

Maybe Mr bin Laden isn't an arab at all.

Maybe he's Mossad.

And the same goes for Ahmedinejad.