Whats happening to certain pages on 911BLOGGER.com ?

Herblay FRANCE

bonsoir ,

Whats happening to certain pages on 911BLOGGER.com ? since some time I have noticed that internautes are not being able to access certain pages with an access denied by 911BLOGGER ?

Ten minutes ago I witnessed this strange event and a am including a screen image of this problem.

Has anyone else noticed this problem ?

Yours John

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Sometimes when you open a new window, the browser doesn't see that you are still logged in. Try opening in Tabs, that usually gets around the problem.

911Blogger access denied !

Herblay FRANCE

I had thought of that as well but closed / started my computer many times to be sure it was not that.

Just noticed that my screen shot does not so the URL.

It is

it was a page I had submitted with the title
Possible to lobby television New York police series to tell the ... ?

copying this url in my broswer this morning gives the same result ?

Yours John


Looks like it was edited, went into the moderation queue, and dropped out of the queue.

It's back now, sorry.

From the title...

... I thought you were referring to some blogs that just mysteriously disappeared. Like one to which I added a comment, and the next day it was nowhere to be found.

happens here and there

This sort of stuff happens here and there. I've seen the situation you posted above and I've also had pages load SOOOOOOOOO SLLOOOOOOOWWWWW sometimes but not lately. It was to the point of not even coming here though. Actually, I registered a new account and it was then fine.

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