Yesterday on Bill Bennett's "Morning in America": 9-11, Former Presidents and Future Presidential Wannabes

I got through to (PNAC/drug czar) Bill Bennett's "Morning in America" radio-show early yesterday morning. Bennett's guest host Kevin Wall was talking about Hillary Clinton's chances. I decided to bring up the 9-11 elephant in the room in relationship to Bill's "How dare you?!" response to MN CHANGE's vocalization that "9-11 was an inside job." I also brought up Cossiga's recent comments, not because I am convinced that they are pure of intent, but more because they are a good thought and conversation starter, especially in a right-wing forum. What do you think of bringing Cossiga up? I also got to throw in his role in Operation Gladio. And ultimately claimed that Hillary Clinton is part of the 9-11 cover-up. As I believe the Legislative and Judicial branches in their entirety are at this point, both those consious and (intentionally) unconscious.

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Meanwhile, remember these talk radio shows are always out there ready to become our million-person megaphones. Afterall, they are our airwaves that are being pimped out. And specifically, many of the people who listen to talk radio both left and right represent, in large measure, a group that is both engaged politically and that might be reached with overwhelming facts and powerful rhetoric from all of us. "Right wing" radio represents that small portion of the country that still supports this administration and "Left wing" (Air America) radio represents some of the still sleeping giant of the Left.

Here is an old blog entry that at the very end links to a list with many shows and numbers.

Hi Shumonik, if Mr. Cossiga

Hi Shumonik, if Mr. Cossiga were to retract his statement, you might take a credibility hit. Gore Vidal did this already, endorsing D.R. Griffin at first then later saying it was Bush's stupidity (ergo the Al Quaeda did it). I trust that you know this anyway so you know how to bring his statements into a discussion without making yourself vulnerable just in case he reverses himself in the future. I do hope Italian media would ask him more about what he said and that he would expose more of the truth. Kudos to getting on the Bill Bennet show!

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