Kevin Barrett Interviews National Medal of Science Recipient Lynn Margulis About 9/11 Truth

Sunday January 27, 2008
Lynn Margulis, Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Geosciences at the University of Massachusett, Amherst, Talks To Kevin Barrett About Meeting David Ray Griffin And Watching The Japanese Congress Debate 9/11 And The "War On Terror" (15 Min Clip Of 2 Hour Interview - 6 Meg)

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Margulis-Sagan books are great reads

Lynn Margulis and her son Dorion Sagan are a heck of a literary-scientific team. I'm reading Dazzle Gradually and it's downright dazzling. Popular science writing has never been less pedestrian.

BP World Oil Reserve Data

Excel, Acrobat and Powerpoint files available:

(not sure if this is what Lynn was talking about)

World Oil Map.

I was hoping we could get that map too. Thank AJF.

Operation Himmler

Operation Himmler started WW one!!!???
I know it was a misquote but we have to be careful not to give the Neocon propagandists excuses to ridicule 911 skeptics.


Margulis is one of the most brilliant scientists alive. She's a member of the prestigious National Academy of sciences and won Bill Clintons medal of science in 1999. She's also supported the dissident scientists like Duesberg who have doubted HIV's causal role in AIDS. You can see the film hiv fact or fraud to learn about their views, seems crazy until you see it. Keep an open mind I thought it was nuts to.

Dr. Barrett, you should also read 2 of the top Cancer researchers book Project Day Lily, Garth and Nancy Nicolson PHD's that found a microbe that Army Scientist Dr. Shyh ching Lo MD PHD published on called mycoplasma incognitus in the blood of Sick GWI vets and CFS patients, unlike HIV this microbe kills every animal inoculated. Lo was an HIV skeptic as well in the early 90's.

"He said the participants were ''very impressed with the quality of science that Dr. Lo's group displayed.''

''The pathology data was solid and convinced us that the agent is in the tissues,'' Dr. Baseman said. The ability of M. incognitus to cause a fatal wasting disease in monkeys and mice persuaded most participants that the microbe ''has the potential to cause disease in humans
New York Times 1990

This is what the nicolsons found in Sick GWI vets, when they found it armed agents from The DOD threatened them to stop their research, this is their true story slightly fictionilized to stay out of court and protect their sources in the Pentagon.

I Have a Question Maybe Someone Can Answer

It is frequently stated that no steel framed high-rise building has ever collapsed because of fire except of course the 3 on 9/11 (we know better)

How many steel framed high-rise building fires have there been????

It seems if I could say of (example:33,672 or 65,000) steel framed high-rise buildings to catch fire only three have ever collapsed it would make a more powerful statement.

Just curious.

I found only this
In 2002, high-rise buildings in these four property classes combined had 7,300 reported structure fires

Those Fujita videos are good

But this is better, at least Part 1 which is all I have reviewed so far. It's an excellent and more complete translation.

There is a missing reference at about 3:05 to Al Qaeda - how did the investgation show 9/11 was the act of Al Qaeda? But that is clear from the context so maybe not a big deal.

Plus earlier at 2:20 the Prime Miinster says the Japanese government exchanged information with "relevant agencies of the U.S. Government." not just "U.S. government." So still not perfect but very close.

Wow, great interview

So much brain power and so warm and folksy and down to earth. I liked what she said about the word "truth." Kevin just misspoke about WW1 - not a big deal. Thanks for this interview.