In The Face Of John McCain With 9/11 Truth & ImpeachBush Protesters

John McCain Political Campaign Rally Milwaukee, WI 2/15/08

We gave the John McCain supporters a heavy dose of 9/11 Truth and many ImpeachBush activist
came down to PROTEST at Serb Hall in Milwaukee. It was cold, but it was worth the trip. The McCain
supporters came out in the cold just before he arrived and blocked the path McCain was taking to get
into the hall. They then proceeded to shout us out so McCain wouldn't see or hear the protesters. I had
a large 9/11 Truth banner stuck in the snowbank (thank the Snow Gods for all the snow we got) that
was very observable from the street. I think McCain got a whiff of our presense despite the tactics of
his supporters. I know for a fact his supporters learned about us or they wouldn't have made the effort
they did to block us.

I want to make a note about the Milwaukee police officers that were put in charge of this detail. A few of
the protesters stepped on private property, they were not on the public sidewalk, and they were
warned not to do it again and to keep moving while they were protesting.
The officers were respectful of our right of FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION given to us by our
constitution. I have found , for the most part, that this is the standing operating procedure (SOP) with
the Milwaukee Police Department, which it should be, as given to us by our rights as American citizens.
I hope many of you are preparing to confront these politicians as they enter the areas you live in. It's just as important to get out on the streets as it is to blog on the internet. I have attached some pics of our street actions. Take Care Matt

P.S. The website address below will take you to the audio version of the CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE DISPLAY
I did with Bill Clinton on Feb. 14th as he was campaigning for Hillary in Milwaukee. I wanted to get in his face and tell him
that 9/11 Truth was not going away. Remember, he told another 9/11 Truther to go away in a previous YOUTUBE.

Take Care Matt

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Keep up the good work

Keep up the good work Milwaukee !
You set a good example.

Good work. Continue to heckle the candidates and YouTube it

Herblay FRANCE

Bonsoir ,

Good work and do not under estimate the useful impact on the McCain supporters. These people have to be educated as well, so keep it polite and correct and some will join you. Pity there was not a video of what you did.

People at my work are asking why do they we not see 911 questions being asked to the candidates from the 911 truthers. Now I can send them this link and show that if our mass media never talk about the 911 truth movement , your actions exists.



Protest and Persuasion: Changing the Message

It's time for the 9/11 Truth Movement to coalesce around a strategy that allows skeptics, doubters, fence-sitters, the generally uninformed, and above all the meek and faint of heart, to feel invited in among us. To feel they are welcome to join us in pursuit of the truth. To feel persuaded to finally do some reading and research of their own, encouraged to join the call for a new and independent investigation. An investigation that most us in the movement are many facts and many years ahead of any doubting newbies confronted with the complex evidence that's available.

"9/11 Was An Inside Job" is an assertion -- a provocative assertion -- and it's served its purpose by giving our movement the outraged voice it needed to persevere in the face of massive indifference. That's fine. We've got it off our chests. Now is the time, and it's a particularly good time, to redirect our efforts to maximize our chances of gaining the allegiance of those who haven't yet spent time pouring over the evidence, but who may be willing to swell the ranks of a collective citizenry that wants straight answers.
It's time to minimize our chances for continued, or even perpetual, marginalization and dismissal. The stakes are too high not to examine our motives and mature as a force.

The assertion that "9/11 was an inside job" invites three responses: 1.) Blind anger 2.) Defiant challenges to produce evidence to support the assertion, or 3.) Dismissive, ad hominem attacks and marginalization. And each of these responses comes from minds thoroughly closed to persuasion -- even if one could create a sudden, unprecedented desire for it at those venues where truth actions occur. Each of these responses is a heated argument waiting to be stillborn.

I want to suggest again that "9/11 was an inside job" has been effective as a rallying cry for those of us who've been "paying attention", but now it's time to take a message to the streets that has some hope of winning a majority of uninformed allies to our cause.
"Investigate 9/11" or "Demand an Independent Investigation" or some other concise example of this message is called for, and necessary to bring in mainstream Americans who might be even be reading "The Commission" or "The Shell Game." I'm sure many of us have family members and friends who won't be made to watch a video, to read a David Ray Griffin book, to attend a lecture... but who might actually read a "mainstream" book, fiction or nonfiction.

There's never time and rarely a the right place to defend "9/11 was an inside job" with the kinds of facts and evidence that are needed to persuade. 9/11 was an extremely complex conspiracy, pulled off by enormous planning and deadly precision. Attempts to make assertions and then debate their merits cannot be done in the streets, on the fly. It cannot succeed in most public forums.
However, calling for a new and independent investigation is poised to actually take on steam... from outside the movement. The movement doesn't need persuading, we need to be persuading others. And we can't be persuasive by saying or chanting or carrying signs that offer nothing more than a provocative assertion.

We need to be demanding a free and independent investigation. That's our best hope and an achievable goal; and if we achieve it, there won't be the need to make assertions in the streets. A fair and independent investigation will necessarily reveal much of what the evidence tells us, to a new, massive and increasingly outraged jury of world opinion.
If you're old enough to remember "Watergate" you'll know how it works; you'll know that the truth comes out in spite of the efforts to contain it, and how national attention and opinion is seized and brought to painful awakening. Historical inevitability has a life of its own.

It's time to get really serious about HOW to advance this cause. When an independent investigation begins, an enormous amount of education will follow, and the evidence will speak for itself. The myth will unravel deep into the guts of what actually happened on 9/11. And that will be success.

The time to assert is passed. The time to appeal is upon us. If we squander this opportunity, we will disappear into the miasma of any number of "unsolved mysteries" and worse, we will have ourselves to blame for bungling it.

I call on the leaders in this movement to discard agitprop assertions that can be responded to with little more than the bravado of having "truth on our side."
I call for the leaders of this movement and for all of us dedicated to the finding of fact, to think about WHAT IT IS WE WANT TO HAPPEN? If what we want is the truth to be told and justice to prevail, we can't afford to be dismissed, discredited and marginalized. We can't afford alienating our would-be allies who need to be persuaded to want what we want... or we will end up in darkness, in silence and under the continued threat of what happens when the other shoe drops.

"The innocence of the creatures is in inverse proportion to the immorality of the Master." Thomas Pynchon


It is an excellent point, and one I've been making for a while.

To see demonstrators with a sign that says "Investigate 9/11" right next to a sign that says "9/11 was an inside job" always seemed ridiculous to me.

Its akin to "Hey, research this...Wait, no need, we've researched it already, just accept our conclusions!" Coupled with the black t-shirted crowd, it never seemed right (um, cultish anyone?) to me. Glad at least someone noticed.

Wow, Myshkin, that's a lot of stuff to put on a sign. How about

"Cheney allowed 9/11 happen on purpose." ?

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

Don't Understand Me Too Quickly

I guess you're joking or at least making a joke about my long post that does somewhere manage to mention a desire to see less provacative sloganeering.
With all due respect, I don't think your suggestion tumbles to my point. Your suggested slogan (even as humor) is itself an assertion, and it invites opprobrium and easy dismissal. It ain't winning any hearts or minds, don't you see?

Yeah, I believe Cheney allowed and even orchestrated some of the events of 9/11, but I've spent several years researching this thing, and there isn't room on any sign to say WHY my assertion should be taken seriously by anyone who hasn't been "paying attention."

That's the point. Get an independent investigation seated, hearing testimony, and being reported on, and you can take your "Inside Job" posters into the streets again. People will at least know why you're asserting what you say. At this point, I'm afraid, it's mostly spitting in the wind.

"The innocence of the creatures is in inverse proportion to the immorality of the Master." Thomas Pynchon