How to increase the popularity of 9/11 truth videos on YouTube?

We know that viewing, commenting and favoriting videos on YouTube increases their popularity. YouTube has categories like "Most viewed", "Most discussed", "Top favorites", etc. So it's a good idea to view, comment and favorite 9/11 truth videos.

However, when I browsed through the top video categories on YT, no truth videos showed up. I spotted one 9/11-related video, and that featured Penn and Teller attacking truthers.

These are the videos that I've commented on recently:

"BBC Reported Building 7 Collapse 20 Minutes Before It Fell"
(766,905 views; 20,926 comments; favorited 1,945 times)

"Seven is Exploding"
(231,000+ views; 6,780 comments; favorited 864 times)

By way of comparison, the Penn and Teller video has been commented 42,046 times, making it into the top 60 most discussed videos.

The most viewed videos have tens of millions of viewers, making a breakthrough in that category difficult. Commenting a video seems to be a much easier way to add visibility to 9/11 truth videos on YouTube.

How could we mobilize a lot more people to comment on some YT 9/11 truth videos? Should a small number of most effective videos be chosen and linked from a large number of truth sites, with a note encouraging viewers to participate in the discussion? Should we even increasingly discuss between ourselves on the comments sections of related YT videos?

Let me read your ideas about this.

No ideas...?

Nothing? Anyone? Or is YouTube not that important?

youtube reaches millions

i have been leaving answers to shills on the bbc onedeaddj wtc7 vid for many months as capelipl

i fully agree with what you say, i hope some will come to leave a comment for 911 truth , a similar requestwas made naming the video ,posted on 911 blogger about the middle of last year . it was also linked from prison planet i believe.

it may be the most commented 911 truth vid on you seems to, at times have exposed about a thousand people a day to the info of the bbc debacle and has been an outlet for many other 911 facts. and a lot of fruitful efforts embarassing away some shills with a curt comment of how vile and despicable their effort seem.

the agents that some have enlisted to try to derail 911 truth are in full force , all should come once and a while to answer the latest shill lie .these shill are dangerous treasonist and should be exposed for the collusion they participate in. people checking the bbc vid out for the first time. read the most recent comments most often, so its impportant to post frequently to keep up with these deathmonkeys.

you tube reaches millions

The bbc vid in question was mentioned on 911 blogger about the middle of last year , a wide effort should be made to promote visibility

this is the third commment i have left here , the other s have presuably gone down a hole??