Karl Rove Is Questioned About His Involvement With the 9/11 Commission by Philly 9/11 Truth

Karl Rove, speaking at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, gave a detailed account of his activities on the morning of 9/11. Rove chronicled his movements on September the 11th 2001, starting by explaining that he accompanied Bush to Booker Elementary, and ending with his boarding of Air Force One. Rove took several questions from the audience, during which many questioners heavily criticized Rove for his role in facilitating the Iraq War and endorsing the curtailment of civil liberties. Reporters took the opportunity to ask the former White House puppeteer about allegations that he somehow influenced the 9/11 Commission. In a recent interview on Democracy Now, Philip Zelikow was challenged about the White House intervening into the 9/11 investigation - http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5499325790906729150&q=philip+zelikow+democracy+now&total=6&start=0&num=10&so=0&ty... - during which Zelikow denied that the conversations he had with Karl Rove had relevance to the Commission's investigation. Much like Zelikow, when confronted with the issue Karl Rove expressed that these conversations were not about 9/11. Perhaps Rove was involved, but maybe he was not. Questions still linger however; who did Zelikow confer with at the White House and why did he implore his secretary to delete phone logs?

Does his description...

Of the communications equipment available to the President seem odd to anyone else?

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"Former U.S. Rep. Dan Miller

"Former U.S. Rep. Dan Miller wonders why communications were so bad the president had to use a cell phone to reach Washington."

"There was not an open line of communication between the president and vice president on the morning of 9/11 but rather a series of calls between the two leaders," the commission staff report says. Bush told the commission he had to use a cell phone and was frustrated by communications problems that morning."

"There's the idea of protecting the president and then there's the idea of command and control," Melanson says. "In the presidential limo, the communications system is almost duplicative of the White House - he can do almost anything from there but he can't do much sitting in a school."

So the POTUS "had to use a cell phone"...

A friend of mine served in the WH Communications Office. He says NO WAY, unless there was some serious jamming going on. E4-B perhaps?

Cheney seems to have had Bush in "don't call us, we'll call you" mode.

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

Rove War Pig seems rather flat ....

...and I wonder as well about the details concerning the staff room and connection to a secure call center out "in Col-lo-ra-day", which can put a call through to anywhere? These statements seem laden with possibility? Is Rove tired from engagements just reciting rote info in his head? Is he revealing something more than he should? Does he just have the same speech coach as Cheney and instructed to include descriptive but meaningless details to distract the audience? He does sound like Cheney and seems to be reciting?

Rove's response to the Zelikow calls was quite different. Clearly, he was prepared to take on that question and seems to be putting more into it. Is a more robust speech pattern indicative of truth or a well-prepared argument? Is a softer almost mumbling trail of sentences indicative of being caught off guard? There's clear differences as to what they mean? He seemed to make an attempt at being nostalgic about that fateful day but failed in his delivery.

Rove played a significant role in getting us into war. I certainly believe, he thought as a political advisor a war was just the prescription to cure low poll ratings!. I can just hear him.

Vancouver had it right with the War Pig posters. Rove is a pig in more than one respect!

It's this kind of confrontation that keeps the pressure on and this guy needs it!

Thanks 9/11 Philly Truth!

...don't believe them!

He says...

Everywhere that the president travels, there is a staff room near by where there are telephones, that if you pick them up you talk to somebody under some mountain in Colorado, and you can be connected to anybody anywhere in the world just like that, and there is this staff room wherever he goes, special phones with special keys and secure lines and so forth.

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Karl Rove, like his Nazi counterpart, Joseph Goebbels, will

continue lying until the day he dies.

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Well done

He actually squirmed a bit.

Rove spins quite a yarn about the Booker School.

Compare his tale to this article from the St. Petersburg Times:

One of his many lies: Bush rushed into Air Force One, not pausing to wave from the door.

"Miller, the Bradenton congressman, hurried up the rear steps of the presidential jet while Bush went up the front. He paused in the doorway to wave to photographers, raising further questions about security that day."

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

credibility problem

This little old man and little old lady story doesn't pass the smell test. What a crock. Couldn't he come up with something plausible?
Is Zelikow some kind of Willard Scott who needs to be consulted about interesting little old people? In the middle of the 911 Commission?

"Hey Philip, I don't know you, but I want to tell you about my neighbor."

"Hey Karl, I am kind of right in the middle of constructing the myth that will be the 911 Commission Report. How can I help you?"

"Well Phil, my next door neighbor is 92 years old. You see he was in the military in the 40s, and I think he is interesting. I think he could give you some interesting information. He is my neighbor, and I think he is interesting."

Later on...

"Hey Philip, I suppose you are still busy constructing the myth that we will be selling to the public about 911, but I have actually met another interesting person over 90. This time is is a little old lady. She is a Republican and has been for a long time. Would you stop what you are doing and talk to me about how we can help this little old lady get recognized as a life long Republican and take down her personal story?"

"Sure Karl, but first I have to take my secretary into the office, close the door and implore her to stop logging our calls"

This is the grade of bullshit Bush's brain generates.

Great job exposing his weak extemporaneous lying skills. He just doesn't merit the reputation.

nominate the above....

....as best satiric comedy post of the year! Great Stuff, ROBinDALLAS!

...doesn't believe him!

Thanks alan

I don't see Karl Rove as a genius. I see him as a sociopath with no conscience.

Fog of War?

Karl is crying "Fog of War." Hey Karl, what fog? What war? The nation was not at war on 9/11, Karl. The planes, according to the official story, were hijacked. The Air Force typically deals with the scenarios of hijacked planes nearly a hundred times a year. There is protocol and continual training to prepare for what occurred 9/11. Hey Karl, on the very day itself Air defense drills and exercises were being carried out to deal with a hijacked plane scenario. Acts of terrorism have always been dealt with as a crime, not an act of War. There was no war on 9/11, Karl. Somehow standard protocol malfunctioned on 9/11, Karl. It's practically impossible to fail. If it does fail, there is certainly an explanation, one that doesn't contradict itself. So far we have 3 conflicting accounts for failing to protect the nation. Karl Rove is vileness incarnate. Going out in public so confidently and just spewing cold blooded lies. He's one guy who I'd like to see get what's coming to him.

Good job! It's really sickening to see Rove pretending to be an

honest, aboveboard, gracious fellow. He is a treasonous, war-mongering criminal with mass murder to account for!

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WE ARE CHANGE--Looking to you for the next round

Absolutely sickening lies, BUT--

The good news is that Rove and Zelikow are painting themselves into a corner. We need to use their own statements to nail these lying motherf*****rs. These questions need to be asked of Rove at his next appearance (or adapted for Zelikow):

- In 2003, despite your crucial position as chair of the White House Iraq Group with responsibility for selling the invasion to the American public, you really felt it so important that two of your ninety year-old acquaintances talk the University of Virginia about their "service to the country" that you took the time to personally call Philip Zelikow four times to plead their case?

- Why would you handle such a matter personally instead of delegating it to an assistant? Do you normally handle such trivial matters personally?

- This was the official investigation into the defining event of our era, and there was already concern about the reason for Mr. Zelikow's appointment to the commission. Despite this, you felt your acquaintances' historical information about economic conferences and Republican conventions was so important that you weren't concerned about casting a shadow of impropriety and politics over the 9/11 Commission's investigation?

- What was Mr. Zelikow's reaction to being taken away from the 9/11 investigation in order to discuss this with you?

- Why did you feel it was the University of Virgina specifically that needed to work with your acquaintances?

- If the matter was so important, why haven't you followed up to be sure that the University has talked to Josephine Good?


FOR INVESTIGATORS: Has anyone at the University of Virginia ever even heard of Rove's nonagenarians? If the conversations really went the way Rove says, Zelikow would have directed his people to get in touch with them. Who would Zelikow have delegated this to? Talk to them and their staff. Talk to Josephine Good...

Proving this story is bullshit isn't the same as proof of an inside job, but it's a step on the way--another brick torn down from the wall.