WE are the change that we want to see ....

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

Civil Information(ing) on the streets of Maple Ridge, BC in the heart of the Fraser Valley (east of Vancouver).

Another great day of 'being the media' and talking to fellow Canadians (our neighbours) about what we have discovered about 9/11 and how it affects us, and the world. Just by being outdoors with a simple sign, a smile, with free DVDs and music CDs, we reach potentially hundreds of passersby and thousands of motorists.

Below, Marilyn talks to two gentlemen who came over separately for a friendly discussion, both of whom were already very knowledgeable and who agree that we have been lied to by the mainstream media about what happened on September 11th, who was responsible and the apparent motives of the real perps. Best of all, a number of people expressed interest in getting involved with us, so we can continue to build a network of concerned citizens, to help restore our country and the world to sanity, in a peaceful, non-partisan and democratic way.


(Corner of 224th and Dewdney in Maple Ridge, BC)

We didn't yell, rant, rave nor carry protest signs nor solicit. People just come over and talk to us. More often than not, we discover that many already had their suspicions about 9/11 and other things being done in the name of 9/11, and a few were already well informed. We received no heckles or jeers, no negative comments - only friendly greetings, handshakes and thanks. Occasionally passing motorists honked their horns, waved or gave us the thumbs up too.

We came away happy, knowing we had done something positive for the world, and constructive for our movement (nobody got arrested, tasered, tortured or even insulted). Thanks to all who stopped by to chat and to check out what we have to offer!

Knowledge is empowering and the Truth sets us all free to live without lies, propaganda, fear and control.

We can change the world very quickly if we all get out and do this as often as possible in many places. It will send a clear message, that no one can spin. The world will quickly see how many we are; that we are just like them, that we see the evil and the lies of 9/11 (and more), and that we are refusing to be a party to it anymore. People will begin to receive our message and the information we have gathered about 9/11, the bogus war on terror, and much more. Then we will have a chance to then prevent the next 9/11 attack and WWIII, and save many millions of lives. This is the REAL war against terrorism.

WE are the change that we want to see .... if we choose to be.


-- Fraser Valley 9/11 Truth www.FV911Truth.org


For the record, do you think WeAreChange is a "PsyOp"?

I'm operating under the assumption that you do not, and your intent was misinterpreted.

I would appreciate it if you didn't coyly call out WeAreChange in your Headlines in the future. A far better route would be to communicate with Luke Rudkowski directly, and I can put you in touch if you want.


Richard D. Brinkman www.edmonton911truth.com
I can assure you Mr Prante has the best in mind and heart for the continued success for the 911 Truth movement.

WE ARE CHANGE has done outstanding work for the 911 truth mission . I don't understand your question but for the record , I too support civil information[ing] and would encourage all groups including the peace movements to consider its value and perhaps employ its usefulness. I dont support some of the disruptive behavior by a hand full with-in the 911 Truth movement and would discourage its practice...If you scroll up to the message posted regarding civil information[ing] you might want to join in on Kevin's radio program Tuesday evening and listen to our concerns about disruptive behavior...Perhaps you could join in and explain why disruptions are positive for the 911 truth movement because I'm really really trying hard to understand why some feel we need to do this...Hey and that's just me...But Please join us! Cheers!

For the record, i did not

For the record, i did not say that We Are Change is a PsyOp ! Nor should my previous post be interpreted that way. The MSM is using the public confrontation of high-profile people as a PsyOp against the 9/11 Truth Movement; to make us look like the villains and the perps as victims, and gives THEM more ammo, to use against us in a war that we are already winning.

And NO, i am NOT against We Are Change and those the fine principles that they stand for, and I appreciate the fine works that they have done, and i appreciate initiative and energy they bring, but some actions by some individuals are ill-conceived and not well thought out, and doomed to back fire, and i feel i have right and duty to point this out, for their sake and our's. We need these people to remain in the game, and not be marginalized or worse, thrown in jail.

I am NOT in favor of groveling to anyone! But nor do i want to feed their fire.

Think outside the box. Don't let them put you / me in one!

Those who insist on being confrontational should at least wear a We Are Change T-Shirt and not allow the MSM to say "those 9/11 Truthers are nuts!" evil etc.

Moreover, there are many other issues that you can confront them on, without being as severely challenged (Iraq War, NAU, police state issues etc etc). But generally, the 60's style methods are not necessary and often counter-productive in the information age.

I have written a lot about these issues extensively on my own blog on our website.

Bottom line: think before you act, and remember that what you do reflects on everyone else, whether it it seen on the MSM, youtube, or just one person passing by. It's the hearts and minds of the people we need to be concerned about, getting them onboard and making it attractive and safe.

First we ignore them
Then they they try to provoke us
Then we laugh at them
The people join us
Then they get scared and run
Then we win


www.FV911Truth.org ...Fraser Valley 9/11 Truth ...Civil Information!

adanac, thank you for the clarification.

Regardless of your intent, unfortunately, many (MANY, MANY) people got the interpretation that you were inferring exactly that.

apparently "Many, Many"

apparently "Many, Many" still have no idea what a PsyOp is and would not know one if it smacked them in the face, muchless if they were part of one.

Pretty sad state of affairs!

We need the youth in this movement, and to keep them active in this movement, and not them being taken out of it by thoughtlessness actions, promoted by some who have their own personal agendas, or to have them inadvertently do harm, by someone taking advantage of their frustrations.

Do we get it yet?

- Fraser Valley 9/11 Truth http://www.FV911Truth.org

- 9/11 Civil Information Blog http://911civilinfo.blogspot.com

Richard D. Brinkman

Richard D. Brinkman www.edmonton911truth.com

This was an excellent location in the city of Champions "Edmonton, Alberta". Busy downtown location with the crossroads of Jasper and 100street in front of the Macdonald Hotel... This location got a lot of 911 exposure to traffic and resulted in 30 DVDs that folks came to me and asked for from 2pm to 4pm...

Richard D. Brinkman

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