TAXI TO THE DARKSIDE- Entire Film 1 hr 19 min

TAXI TO THE DARKSIDE- Entire Film 1 hr 19 min

So this is the film that won

So this is the film that won the Oscar, beating out Michael Moore's "Sicko." Cool. I'm about five minutes into it right now.

So ...

Can someone just give a basic recap or explain what this movie is about? I might watch it, but have limited time.

I'll try my best, Pixie

Taxi To The Dark Side follows the story of a young Afghan taxi driver and father, Dilawar, who was handed over to U.S. forces on Dec. 5, 2002 by an Afghan tribal group trying to gain favor with the U.S. Dilawar dies in U.S. custody at Bagram Air Base on Dec. 10, 2002 and a journalist following the story discovers that the cause of death listed on the official U.S. military death certificate given to Dilawar's family is homicide.

The film investigates the circumstances around Dilawar's murder at the hands of his U.S. captors and then traces the policies that created the environment in which Dilawar was tortured to death. This documentary film shows that these torture policies flowed directly from documents created in the White House and in Defense Secretary Rumsfeld's office. It also shows how the use of torture was introduced and institutionalized at Guantanamo, Bagram and Abu Ghraib by U.S. military forces and is still being used by the CIA throughout the world.

The film is somber in tone and allows the facts and people involved tell this important, terrible and heartbreaking story.

We can only hope that the true perpetrators of these crimes will one day face justice in an international court.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Thanks for posting this, Joe.

After watching this very sad film I have no doubts as to why it will never get wide distribution in U.S. theaters.

Our only hope for redeeming ourselves as citizens of this United States is to fully expose all the crimes that have been committed by our government and make prolonged and profound amends to the rest of the world.

Exposing the crimes of 9/11 is the key to beginning this process.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Thanks, Joe!

The documentary was amazing. I see clearly why it won the Oscar.

Excellent film, thanks

Excellent film, thanks for posting. Makes the old blood boil. Has it been shown in the US?

Particularly timely with Bush's veto of the waterboarding ban.

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