Liberty Voice 4th Edition Released: TRUTH EMERGENCY

March 25, 2008

The fourth edition of The Liberty Voice has been released commemorating the fifth anniversary of the Iraq War with fiercely independent news and commentary.

“From Steven Colbert to, it'll make you laugh and then cry,” says publisher, Sherry Clark, co-founder of

Funded by generous patriots and subscribers across the county, the paper has not yet had to solicit advertisements, keeping the content decision standards truly independent.

With the headline, TRUTH EMERGENCY and documenting the media crisis, this edition of The Liberty Voice also includes two pages devoted to 9/11 truth with stories entitled, “Japanese Diet Questions 9/11 Commission Findings,” “Former Italian Prime Minister Speaks out about 9/11,” “Lie of the Century”and “9/11 Commission was obstructed and uninformed.”

Published out of central Ohio where there are no public access television channels, the newspapers are owned by one conservative family, and few people are involved in election-reform activism concerning the rigged election of 2004 which happened there, The Liberty Voice was designed as a citizen-rescue tool to wake up a dis-informed population. As business franchisers know, Columbus, Ohio is the ultimate test market and The Liberty Voice is being received favorably even in the conservative area.

“We endeavor to make our headlines seem reasonable from the viewpoint of even the most brainwashed of Bill O'Reilly fans. This makes the enlightenment process much gentler. I live in a strong Republican area, and I only hear good things about the paper. It is really needed here."

As one who has hit the streets for 9/11 truth, Clark has found the newspaper format to be a much more productive use of her time and money. She states, “First of all, newspapers are a respected medium. Anyone can make a flier, but with newspapers, people trust and then retain more information that they read.

“It's not like when I was exclusively a 9/11 truth activist. Newspapers can be printed for about the same cost, but they are respected more than DVD's. If we only choose one issue to discuss, 9/11 is the right choice, but with newspapers, you don't have to choose. You can provide a wider context of 9/11 amid other well-understood government deceptions, bringing the U.S. reality into better view.”

The Liberty Voice is offering papers to activists across the country for them to distribute in their cities. One way to easily do this is to contact your local library who often will distribute the papers among all of its branches. There are also activist fund-raising opportunities where activists can sell subscriptions and keep the profits.

Have a look at past issues on the website, You can also subscribe online. Contact Sherry Clark at or 614.209.2971 for affordable rates and other activist-friendly options.

Yes, newspapers are absolutely a great addition to DVDs & flyers

They wouldn't have gotten away with 9/11 for 5 fact, they never would've tried pulling-off 9/11 without already having control of 99% of our mainstream media!!!

We have to take back our government AND our freedom of the press!!!

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in truth & liberty,
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"Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act."
- Albert Einstein

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