Ron Paul on Coast To Coast AM - Supports A New 9/11 Investigation

During his interview last night on Coast To Coast AM Ron Paul said he supports a new 9/11 investigation.

He is consistent

Thursday June 21, 2007
Ron Paul Talks About Government Run Investigations Such As the 9/11

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true, but what is he saying?

RP: "I am not satisfied with the investigation there's a rare government investigation that i am satisfied with because usually what they do is just covering up their ineptness..."

He seems to have a real "ineptness" theme started ;;-)

Paul's Reference To 'Energy Weapons' Destroying The Towers

DEW's are not part of the mainstream skeptics cause and it's interesting he would refer to such a rarely referred to and totally illogical scenario.

I know, but it makes sense

I know, but it makes sense when you discover that FETZER somehow got onto the line up of speakers at the RP Tax Day event in DC, this is just so shady in my opinion, how was he ever invited?:

Guest Speakers:

Ron & Carol Paul

A artists rendering of Ron and Carol in patriotic dress will be presented to them in honor of their 51st Anniversary.

Dave Von Kleist
of "The Power Hour" Radio show will be our Master of Ceremony and will be performing his music throughout the day.

Penny Langford Freeman
Former District Political Director for Ron Paul

Russell Means ( Lakotah Elder )

James H. Fetzer

John Paul Mitchell, Author "No More Taxes"

Jack Mclamb, Police Officer (retired), Constitutional Patriot

Bill Stegmeier

Murray Sabrin, NJ -- David Robert Grate, NY -- John Wallace, NY -- Greg Lewis, Fla -- Dean Santoro, Fla --

Interesting ... Didn't Know That

"I know, but it makes sense when you discover that FETZER somehow got onto the line up of speakers at the RP Tax Day event in DC."


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Ron Paul goes "Do I think

Ron Paul goes "Do I think Microwave Beams from space knocked down the Towers? Of course not".

For people who don't know FETZER of all people will be at Ron Paul's Tax Day DC event and I bet the clown has probably chatted some bullshit disinfo to Ron Paul and tried to make 9/11Truth seem like a bunch of kooky garbage to him. I personally would like to know how and WHY Fetzer was invited to that because it just doesn’t make sense at all and seems just so suspect.

I wanted to see what all the fuss about Fetzer was

I invited him to give a presentation to a group of friends here at Yale and he didn't mention that theory about space weapons at all. He said something along the lines of thermate alone could not have done it. Nonetheless, he's not a scientist and any rational person should conclude that Thermate is the logical explanation. Steven Jones is a physicist and Fetzer a philosopher... maybe this should be put in perspective.

Let's just make it clear that he does not represent the mainstream views and that he is not a physicist. If we begin bashing him, it only makes us look like a cult.

Steven Jones

If someone could mention to RP that Fetzer is not mainstream maybe he could see the light. Can someone get him in touch with Steven Jones or Griffin?
If RP gets behind the truth movement, it would be propelled tremendously.
I just hope the 9/11 ballot initiative passes in NYC.

"If someone could mention to

"If someone could mention to RP that Fetzer is not mainstream maybe he could see the light." - don't do that, it's "cultish" to draw such a distinction, right?

What? So telling assholes

What? So telling assholes who are hell bent on being walking PR disasters for 9/11 Truth to go take a hike is what a "cult" does? I don't think so. If you want to talk about cults what about "Skull and Bones", or have you been "Tapped" by them already and are now shilling for Fetzer by calling criticism of that clown "cultish"? I'm kidding, but I fail to see your logic entirely, also the point here is that Ron Paul was talking about "Space Beams" and Fetzer the disinfo shill will be speaking at Ron Paul's upcoming event for some bizarre reason. It's fair to assume then that Ron Paul only brought up "Space Beams" disinfo because Fetzer has had recent contact with him, or one of RP's aides has told him about Fetzer and his "No planes hit the WTC" "Space Beamed knocked the Towers down" Cointelpro garbage. Either way it appears Fetzer is doing damage yet again and deserves to be "bashed" for eternity for that reason.


I understand what you are saying. Let's just not argue with each other. It's pointless. We should be working together. If you look at my website you will see that under no circumstance do I promote him.

I never called criticism of him cultish. Feel free to criticize him.

Maybe when you met him he

Maybe when you met him he came across as a nice guy, I know a lot of people including myself thought he was doing some good before he went completely disinfo, but what you might not be aware of is the shitty nature in which he treated Steven Jones and the way he jumped into the cesspit of absurd disinfo with Morgan Reynolds, Judy Wood and all the other jokers. The resentment of what he's done is justified I think but it I can see why it might appear as unjustified to someone who’s unaware of the whole deal.

"If we begin bashing him, it

"If we begin bashing him, it only makes us look like a cult."

That's a new one. You got it back wards, mate. In cults you slavishly follow leaders instead of challengingly them.

Here's our Fetzer for you:

"During recent lectures, Fetzer encourages the study of the possibility that high-tech weapons, including ground or space-based directed-energy military weapons, may have been used to bring down the Twin Towers. [3] He has not endorsed any specific hypothesis about the destruction of the WTC, but he has expressed skepticism that conventional explosives, including thermite/thermate, could have brought about such devastating effects."

And his co-host on the Dynamic Duo:

"Kevin Barrett forms the dynamic duo with Jim Fetzer.[11] His radio show has featured interviews with Morgan Reynolds, Judy Wood, Captain May,[12] and other controversial figures. Barrett describes Reynolds as “a provocateur in the good sense.”

And how to deal with questionable leadership:

When "Leaders" Whine: Toxic Leadership and the "Pity Play"

No cults, just facts.



Now I know. I have been reading that CB Brooklyn crap on op-ed and wondered where it was coming from.

What went unsaid!

Ron Paul goes "Do I think Microwave Beams from space knocked down the Towers? Of course not".

but is it probable that thermate was used? Of course!


That's exactly what I was thinking, Joe! What-he-didn't-say! Right on!

What he said was definitely a lot better than what he could have said: "Do I think Thermate caused the towers to implode? Of course not".

I'm so glad I voted for Ron Paul in my Texas primary. :D

I even turned in as a delegate a 9/11 truth resolution to my district for the upcoming county convention.

RON PAUL 2008!!!

Don't worry

about Ron Paul being taken in by Fetzer. RP is no bodies fool. I am sure he is quite aware of what happened on 9/11. They all are.

one has to go further

While he may say he SUPPORTS a new investigation, isn't the more important question...WILL HE INSTIGATE a new investigation?


That is awesome RON PAUL should be our next pres.! Write him in!
As for his comment on space beams I believe he was saying that he does not support these outlandish ideas! What he did not say is more important I think in this case that he does not rule out other more viable alternative theories!

Contact your represenatives!

RP's Straw-man

"DEW's are not part of the mainstream skeptics cause and it's interesting he would refer to such a rarely referred to and totally illogical scenario."

Very interesting, in fact, is it intellectually honest to deal with a subject by first refusing to seriously talk about it, and then secondly to only reference absurd and likely deliberately discrediting ideas? As if that wasn't fishy enough, we've got Mr. Fetzer, who coincidently happens to have written academic papers on the topic of disinformation and its usage. Talk about "coincidental".

Let's see, 9/11 was "ineptness", or the "only" other explanation is space beams... can we say straw-man?

Space beams?

Get serious.
Arabesque: 911 Truth

I know, it’s stupid.

I know, it’s stupid. There's still a lot that I appreciate about Ron Paul though, but yea I agree the politically correct bullshit is wearing.

The Fetzer deal is something very strange though and I still can't totally figure it out, I have zero clue as to why he would be invited other than ignorance, nativity and "ineptness" on behalf of the organisers or it's an attempt to further discredit 9/11 Truth and make it an even hotter potato for Ron Paul, or both of those and something else, no clue.


Fetzer is loud and aggressive and is a useful idiot (or worse) of the MSM, so people in need of money and power and fame are attracted to him.

His site had over 800 links out there all over the place when the scholars split happened, and those who handled the split orchestrated it for him to remain connected to that link to continue to function as a "scholar." I still get people emailing who know nothing about him except that he has been 'courageous enough to take on the right wing attackers on MSM,' same formula as with Barrett. Being on those shows was a ticket to automatic worldwide recognition to millions as either a nutcase or a "real scholar" and "representative" of the movement. I don't think these things are coincidence.

The average American thinks

The average American thinks the controlled demolition hypothesis is absurd.

Yeah, but

the average American is part of a majority that hasn't looked at the evidence. We keep up the pressure and that will change drastically in the next few years.

Regarding Fetzer, he probably wasn't invited by Ron Paul directly. But even if Ron Paul knew about him in advance, I doubt it would have made all that much difference. I expect Ron Paul would have simply dealt with the situation in consistent Libertarian terms and respected the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and viewpoint. I know it's tough for some of you to accept but that rule applies to Fetzer too!