Richard Gage 9/11 Architect: Blueprint for truth

Richard Gage 9/11 Architect - Blueprint for truth
From Common Dreams:

by Elizabeth Woodworth

More than 300 architects and engineers are calling for a real investigation of the WTC Twin Towers, citing evidence of explosive controlled demolition. After learning of the near free-fall collapses from 9/11 research veteran Dr. David Ray Griffin, architect Richard Gage is now reaching out to the public and his peers to expose the physical evidence that has been surfacing steadily in the professional community, asking questions like, "What mechanism is required to turn 90,000 tons of concrete into powder the width of a human hair?"

The National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) claims that the steel in the Twin Towers buckled because of burning jet fuel; Gage maintains that the jet fuel-fed hydrocarbon fires were not even hot enough to warp – much less melt – the steel, pointing instead to the intense subterranean temperatures generated by molten metal which endured for weeks. Gage notes: "1,340° F. temperatures, recorded in thermal images of the surface of the World Trade Center rubble pile a week after 9/11€¦ cannot be achieved by oxygen-starved hydrocarbon fires. Such fires burn at only 600 to 800° F€¦The source of this incredible heat was three to six stories below the surface of the rubble."

Gage also quotes from on-the-scene reports: "Leslie Robertson, World Trade Center structural engineer, stated that on October 5, 21 days after the attacks, the fires were still burning and molten steel was still running. Fire department personnel... reported seeing 'molten steel running down the channel rails... like you're in a foundry – like lava from a volcano.' Joe O'Toole, a Bronx firefighter, saw a crane lifting a steel beam vertically from deep within a pile. He said 'it was dripping from the molten steel.' Bart Voorsanger, an architect hired to save 'relics from the rubble,' stated about the multi-ton 'meteorite' [found] that it was a 'fused element of molten steel and concrete.'" What produced all of this molten metal? Gage cites the chemical evidence of "Thermate" found in the rubble and the dust by physics professor, Dr. Steven Jones and others. Thermate is a high tech incendiary used by the military to cut through steel like a hot knife through butter. The by-product of Thermate is molten iron.

Building 7, an adjacent 47-storey steel building which was untouched by the planes yet collapsed later in the day around 5:20 PM, was another mystery. World Trade Center 7's catastrophic structural failure showed 10 characteristics of explosive, controlled demolition, such as: The destruction began suddenly at the base of the building€¦ first responders reported explosions occurring about a second before the collapse, and the symmetrical, near free-fall speed of collapse. European demolitions expert Danny Jowenko stated, "This is controlled demolition... a team of experts did this. This is professional work, without any doubt."

Gage explains, "Fire cannot produce these effects. Fire produces large, gradual deformations and asymmetrical collapses, but never, ever in a high-rise steel-frame, fire-proofed building. NIST has not produced its promised report on Building 7."

Many now question the public story, including 9/11 Commissioners Kean and Hamilton who complained bitterly of the obstructions to their investigation in an article published January 2, 2008, in the New York Times (Ref. Foreign national parliaments began raising questions. On January 10, Mr. Yukihisa Fujita of the Japanese Democratic Party questioned the official story and the "war on terror" in the House of Councillors (Senate).

In February, at the European Parliament building in Brussels, Italian MP Giuletto Chiesa presented the documentary Zero, which questions the official 9/11 account. The screening was followed by a debate.

At home, a growing number of professional scholars, FBI and CIA officials, pilots and military personnel are pressing for a full transparent investigation with powers of subpoena. (President George Bush and Richard Cheney would only testify together and not under oath.) David Ray Griffin's new book, 9/11 Contradictions: An Open Letter to Congress and the Press, exposes the absurdity of the official account through 25 major internal contradictions.

In view of 9/11's continuing impact on world affairs, it is time to find out what really happened.

Richard Gage, a licensed San Francisco architect for 20 years, founded Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, a non-partisan association dedicated to exposing the falsehoods and revealing truths about the "collapses" of the WTC high-rises on 9/11/01. Richard speaks in Vancouver for the first time, April 19, 7 PM, Vancouver Public Library, Alice McKay Room. $8/advance, $10/door. In Victoria: April 20, 2 PM, St. John the Divine Church, 1611 Quadra St. Suggested donation $10; no one turned away.


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