Government Apologists Keep Moving the Goal Posts

Folks who are trying to defend the government's version of 9/11 have continuously moved the goal posts:

  • Initially, the government apologists pretended that everyone believed the "official story" of 9/11
  • Then, when the family members of the victims and every day Americans started publicly question the government's story, they said "but, all of the experts confirm the government"
  • Then, when numerous structural engineers decided to risk their careers to question the official version of events, they said "yeah, but no criticism of the government's claims has been published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal"

They keep moving the goal posts, which is a sign of dishonesty. Its the old bait-and-switch - come up with one argument, and when it is shot down as false, make up a new one.

Indeed, if Bush, Cheney, and Rummie all confessed under oath that they carried out 9/11, the defenders of the official version would probably try to move the goal posts yet again:

"true, but no one checked to see if they had their fingers crossed behind their backs at the time.

And they've been under alot of stress recently. Maybe they've suffered from short-term memory loss.

And you don't have any video actually showing them ordering the stand down, do you?! Why should we believe you if you don't have video of them doing it?!"

If you have questioned 9/11 for a couple of years, you'll know that the above-described history of goalpost-moving is accurate. If you haven't, google around and you'll probably see what I mean.

It's a journey just keep at it.

That assessment is spot on and so familiar, I've heard it a thousands times. I've turned from many previous friends and acquaintances because they have lost their spine as a result of sticking their head in the sand to long. This has resulted in making new friends who have their eyes wide open.

Jump, GeorgeWashington.

Dear GeorgeWashington,

Why such a negative, depressing and sad image as moving goalposts?

Much more fundamental than "moving goalposts", is that leaders were not supporting the truth community.

But that is just another hurdle being overcome...

I see the following story, " Welcomes New Supporter - AZ State Senator Karen S. Johnson"

So I suggest a new title for you:

"The 9/11 community matures, jumping hurdles like a true champion. Few more hurdles in sight..."


I don't agree

Not that getting at the truth of 9/11 is a 'game,' but if we're going to use sports metaphors, then 'moving the goalposts' is perfect. In addition to the progress of 9/11 truth research and activism, it's entirely proper to show the weakness being demonstrated by defenders of the official story, in their resorting to tactics of changing the rules while the 'game' is still in progress (e.g., 'moving the goalposts'). I don't find the imagery depressing, because GW's point isn't that they're winning and we're losing; rather that, in the process of trying to 'win,' defenders of the official story are in effect showing themselves to be cheaters--changing the rules while the game is in progress, while hoping no one notices. GW and readers of this blog have noticed!

GW is right on

GW is indeed correct - his anaylsis has been the history so-far of the 911 truth movement.

We have been forced again and again to show why we are correct, and the OCT is incorrect, in the face of hardcore corporate media scrutiny.

We are being forced to defend rational logic and highly realistic scenarios while synchronously prosecuting the perpeTRAITORS.

Elected officials that are willing to now jump aboard the movement are more than welcome.

It's only because our logic is so strong that elected officials ('leaders'?) like Karen Johnson are starting to follow the real LEADERS that continue to point out the infallibility of the official conspiracy fairytale.

Violence can only be concealed by a lie, and the lie can only be maintained by violence.

~Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

I also notice the similiar

I also notice the similiar pattern by government apologists who are defending each of the three different timelines that were provided by NORAD in their responses to the hijacked planes. They claimed the first timeline was nothing to be suspicious about providing that it didn't match with the FAA's timeline. Then the apologists backpeddled as soon as the 9/11 commission released a different timeline in their report of NORAD's responses. They did it again for the third time when the story had broke out that the pentagon had encouraged NORAD to lie about the timeline to the commission, hence a different timeline was released. Its just too painful to watch.

the imagery of moving goal posts

the idea of moving goal posts is brilliant imagery, and i will likely publish it in the forthcoming issue of Flyby News, as well as the article on Senator Johnson responding to Arizona Republic.

The only reason such obvious contradictions have been effective, regarding truth and justice, is that the mainstream public wants to believe in falsehood due to the discomfort in realizing how authorities have been lying to us all along, which includes the control-manipulation of media and our so-called representative government.

But eventually they will run out of room for moving the goal posts, and what will be in place is either martial rule or truth and justice. Thankfully for those willing to awaken to what is going down, we at least have a chance to awaken a critical mass of people in time willing to denounce the traitors and stand up for principles in the US Constitution.

Thank you George Washington!

Dom Giordano...

Accused US of moving the goal posts. Meaning that every time a question has been answered, we ask a different question. Most of the ORIGINAL questions were NEVER answered. How could the goal posts have moved?

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

Earth revolves around the sun

Galileo once attended a communist youth meeting in Brooklyn . . . need I say more.

(my sarcasm is not pointed at anyone here)

Maybe not,

but it sure made me laugh and I'm still laughing.

Thanks for that!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


I love the imagery and the observation. Very funny at the end as well. :-)


i'm not sure it is

i'm not sure it is necessarily moving the goal posts.

sure, a lot of people keep changing the subject onto other questions when their questions get answered, and it is indicative of a person who just can't seem to realize that maybe instead of denying what they're being told, actually listening instead of making up more excuses. may be just that these people are unaware of what you have to say on the matter, challenge it with a 'well what about this'...they don't find out through questioning, they only find out by being proved wrong from all angles. it's a sort of cautious learning tactic...people will do this no matter what persuasion they're on if they're met with propositions that totally overturn what they thought they knew. sometimes even just for devil's advocate to see if you mean business.

but the same happens for those who are just plain liars and it's hard to say who is exactly guilty of what. i'm just saying it often happens to the best of us on many arguments where things are unknown on both sides.

"The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments."
Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science, section 191
German philosophe


government version apologists, excempting the very real possibility that some of these people are paid shills, are somewhat like my father - utterly unable to handle the idea that the government had a hand in 9-11, it threatens their entire world view. There's this rabbit hole as big as the grand canyon and they don't dare stick their foot in - not because they understand how deep the hole is, but because it's outside the realm of possibility as per their world view .... and the concept routinely embraced in the media that those who embrace such alternative theories are all kooks conveniently helps them reject such ideas out of hand. It's sort of analogous to strongly held religious beliefs really, and people will move those goal posts as many times as necessary to protect that world view , even off the proverbial cliff, even while Bush and Cheney and those folks get caught lying through their teeth a zillion times and the country hurtles toward bankrupcy. I have an aquaintance, this is a true story, who, as his wife was out shopping, noticed his cat taking a dump in the litter box in the corner of the living room as he was watching TV ... and thought to himself, hmmm, wonder what it feels like to do it in the litter box. So he tried it, according to his own account. (This is Japan, and, somehow the story is more believable if you know the Japanese - no insult to the citizens of the country I'm a guest in intended.) Anyway, as he told the story, he intended to clean up what he had done right away but got involved again in what was on TV and before he knew it his wife returned - & when she noticed what was in the litter box she exclaimed - "OMG, check this out, it's so big!!!". She of course never suspected that it was her husband that took the massive (for a cat) dump in the litter box, and he never told her. The point is, the reality was outside the scope of what she considered possible. And so he got off scott clean. •
Some people just will never consider an alternative to the official story.

That is a difficult analogy to top Sanders ; )

LMAO, you're right, it's all about the comfort zone. Similar to the first time, as a youngster, you were trusted to be in a swimming pool all by yourself, and when you reached that point of walking to the deep end while you're feet were still able to touch the bottom, then it all started to become very uncomfortable when the water line reached your mouth, then you tucked your head back and lost your balance, then you turn around to go back to the shallow comfort zone.

At some point you say to yourself I really need to learn how to swim.

This site, among many others, are a great pool of resource where people are volunteering their time to teach others how swim and get out of shallow zone. It's all about truth, future, justice, freedom, and maintaining individualism.


IMO, many debunkers are authoritarian. How else to explain the demand for proof while overlooking the deliberate efforts of the government to conceal evidence from the public.

It seems some people believe that cheerleading for fascism is patriotic. This explains why people who object to Bush's sinister Iraq policy are told they aren't supporting the troops...the leader is put on a pedestal and patriotism is redefined as unconditional support for the leader.

Look at the Justice Department memos to Sen. Wyden in which the use of torture is rationalized. This is police state garbage. Yet citizens are expected to go along because authority figures are telling us such measures are required to keep us safe.

Look at CIA:

CTC Chief Black: (said something like CIA was able to "take the gloves off" after 9/11), Chief of Alec Station Rich B.: (won the battle with the FBI over treatment of al-Libi), CIA Director Tenet: (employed double think on 60 Minutes, claimed CIA doesn't torture then said CIA did whatever it took to get intel). These are the officials who advocated for torture. Yet to date they haven't accounted for their actions leading up to 9/11. It's quite obvious why this is so--they can't account for their actions. Thus, the 9/11 Commission and the Joint Inquiry covered for them, putting forth nonsense like watchlisting failures as if that made any sense at all. Again the public is told to trust the findings of the inquiries because authority figures conducted them and only "conspiracy nuts" would dare claim the authority figures are corrupt and unconcerned with the truth.

Reading between their lines,

if you challenge the OCT, then you will be tortured, that's what they want us to think and then back off.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

They're not moving the goal posts

they keep making the whole end zone bigger and adding downs!

In keeping with this American football metaphor...the truth movement has the OCT pinned back on on the the one foot line, every snap we stuff them back and are about to sack the QB for a safety when he throws it out of bounds. They keep having to add to the end zone to have more room to scramble and adding more downs to keep the ball.

The game will only end when enough "fans" realize the game is rigged and run onto the field to insist the rules are followed.

Personally, I'd prefer a soccer metaphor, but I'm just goofy that way.


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.