David Ray Griffin: 9/11 Contradictions: Mohamed Atta’s Mitsubishi and His Luggage

9/11 Contradictions: Mohamed Atta’s Mitsubishi and His Luggage

by Prof. David Ray Griffin - Global Research, May 9, 2008
The Canadian

At the core of the official story about 9/11 is the claim that the four airliners that crashed that day had been taken over by a band of al-Qaeda hijackers led by Mohamed Atta. No proof was ever provided for this claim. But various kinds of evidence have been offered, the most important of which was reportedly found in Atta’s luggage after the attacks. The materials in this luggage were said to confirm the suspicion that the planes had been hijacked by Atta and fellow Muslims. As Joel Achenbach wrote in a Washington Post story on September 16, 2001:

Atta is thought to have piloted American Airlines Flight 11, the first to slam into the World Trade Center. A letter written by Atta, left in his luggage at Boston's Logan Airport, said he planned to kill himself so he could go to heaven as a martyr. It also contained a Saudi passport, an international driver's license, instructional videos for flying Boeing airliners and an Islamic prayer schedule. (“’You Never Imagine’ A Hijacker Next Door.”)

This discovery was clearly very helpful in making the case against Atta and al-Qaeda.

But why was Atta’s luggage there to be discovered? Achenbach said: “Officials believe that Atta and [Abdul] Alomari rented a car in Boston, drove to Portland, Maine, and took a room Monday night at the Comfort Inn . . . . They then flew on a short flight Tuesday morning from Portland to Boston, changing to Flight 11.”

But why did Atta’s luggage not make it on to Flight 11? A 9/11 staff statement suggested that it was a tight connection, saying: “The Portland detour almost prevented Atta and Omari from making Flight 11 out of Boston. In fact, the luggage they checked in Portland failed to make it onto the plane” (Staff Statement No. 16, June 16, 2004). When The 9/11 Commission Report appeared the following month, however, this suggestion was missing. Indeed, the Commission, after saying that “Atta and Omari arrived in Boston at 6:45,” added that “American Airlines Flight 11 [was] scheduled to depart at 7:45” (9/11 Commission Report [henceforth 9/11CR], 1-2).



I'm almost done reading his most recent book. The man is sharp as a tack. What happened to DRG's latest speech?

cars 'n' things

In this case, the angel is in the details.

As long as there is no investigative journalism...

... they can spin it any way they like and the MSM will report the latest approved version.

Logan's Terminal Layout

So the way I get it, Atta checked two bags, but Alomari none. Atta was screened in Portland, but his bags made it on.

Thing is, US Air and American Airlines were both in terminal B in 9/01 - they still are, I believe. So it's not like the bag had to make it clear across the airport (and it's not that large an airport either). The respective counters for the airlines (US Air/Colgan and AA) were located on opposite sides of a relatively long and narrow parking garage. The Post article cited mentions that a number were pulled out for screening during the boarding of the 9/11 attack flights, but doesn't mention if Atta is one of them. If he was, that might help explain why his bag didn't make it, since it would be held until after he boarded - therefore outside of the normal baggage process. There could have been a mistake. Otherwise, it's hard to imagine the bags not making it with something like an hour.

I will just also say that Portland and Boston are very close - 100 miles apart. At that time of year, I wouldn't think that leg would be too risky. Logan airport is small and Portland airport is smaller still. But it still makes you wonder why they did it. It almost seems like they wanted to get caught, purchasing first-class, full-fare and one-way tickets for a 100 mile flight in a twin-prop commuter plane.

Atta was on video

getting on a plane, on 9/11. There is your reason for going to portland. He was on video at portland-not Logan. Makes me think he never got on flt 11.
1. 100,000 dollors transferred to him shortly before 9/11 indicates money as motive
2. Father claims Atta called him the next day
3. Went out of his way to be on video getting on a plane on the morning of 9/11
4. According to Daniel Hopsickers reports Atta ate pork lived with a stripper did cocaine and drank alcohol, not a typical,"martyre"
5. Atta was selected by CAPPS system. Guess what happens when you are selected under the CAPPS system at the time? Your bags don't go on the plane until it is confirmed you get on.
"The FAA has determined that this proposed
requirement is necessary to prevent explosive devices concealed in
checked baggage transferred from earlier flights from being introduced into the holds of airplanes"

The ticket agent from Portland was all over the news talking about ATTA. His name is Michael Tuohey. Anyone know the ticket agent that was in Boston? If we don't why not? They can confirm him boarding. His bags being left indicates he never boarded flt 11

A photo-op.

Plus the video has two time-stamps. How odd.

No video, of any hijacker, getting onto any allegedly hijacked plane. How odd.

Excellent ? Why did Atta supposedly drive to Portland?

Atta was the alleged ringleader and had only an hour between connecting flights? Why did Atta supposedly rent a car and drive to Portland the night before? Griffin raises excellent questions?

I suspect, when you're making up stories on the fly, you simply overlook things?

...don't believe them!