FEMA Project Godzilla ··· Pre-Planted Explosives in WTC?

(This excerpt is from an anonymous comment posted at the CommonDreams website. If a secret program like Godzilla exists, it would certainly explain a lot of things, but we really need a statement under oath, IMO. -rep.)

"The result was a secret program called Godzilla. This program is in part a secret building code by the terms of which structures deemed of concern must submit a plan for demolition that FEMA keeps on file. Planned buildings over a certain height must submit a demolition plan along with a construction plan and the construction plan must include facilities and features within the structure and machinery for the potential installation of demolition explosives."

"FEMA headquarters for the World Trade Center complex was in the Salomon Brothers building, WTC 7, which was demolished later that day after the materials had been brought to the site and distributed inside. This prevented discovery of documents and receipts relating to Godzilla and the installation of demolition devices inside the WTC towers. Three secret service agents died in the collapse of WTC 7 protecting the security of communications equipment and files of the CIA, the FBI and FEMA"

Full article here.

Archive Copy: http://web.archive.org/web/20080517044933/http://investigate911.se/articles/godzilla.html

I call BS

The window for discovery is far to large. The twin towers were not rigged for a "safe" controlled demolition. SHOCK AND AWE was the goal. Are we to believe the Sears Tower and many other landmark structures are currently rigged with explosives?

I've seen this floated a few times. The PSYOP teams are clearly working overtime.

Very plausible.

I find it to be not only possible but plausible.

Yes, the demolition of the towers was a Shock and awe spectacle. But it is a non sequitur. Within this program they could of course "design" the demolition exactly the way they wanted. No one is suggesting that the Sears towers or other buildings are rigged with explosives. Where did you get that from? Did you read the article?

From the article: "Planned buildings over a certain height must submit a demolition plan along with a construction plan and the construction plan must include facilities and features within the structure and machinery for the potential installation of demolition explosives."

The explosives were probably positioned in the towers in the weeks before 9/11.

Yes, I read it. Did you?

From the article:

"Of course, the World Trade Center towers topped the list for the demolition on demand rating and its “charged” status was installed. Intelligence work in terrorist cells have identified other targets that are likely to have received this designation: Coit Tower in San Francisco and Sears Tower in Chicago, for instance, however, most major cities have landmark structures that are likely to have received this rating. Buildings with this designation have demolition explosives already situated inside them. "

Jumbo Jets Can Not Demolish Skyscrapers.

Won't work

They would have then had to of planned a top down demolition...... from the point of impact?

No dice on that.

possibly for WTC 7.... being a highly prized info store house.... unfortunately that info would have done the most damage to those who had the most to gain from the building collapse.

Bush and co. / ENRON... etc.

Together in Truth!

They did plan a top down demolition

that's why friendly companies like Marsh USA and Fuji Bank just happened to be located on those floors.

If you knew how the WTC Towers and WTC 7 were designed, then you would know that these buildings were unlike most other hi-rise buildings.

The Towers were the first skyscrapers to use steel curtain walls, that were load bearing and a steel central core.

The Towers were then split into thirds by the mechanical floors. These floors created the darker bands around the building. They used beams instead of trusses and heavier columns. Because they used beams on the mechanical floors, the curtain wall columns line up evenly, creating seams around the building. On the regular floors the column heights are staggered making a stronger joint.

At the top of the Towers was another unusual feature, the hat trusses. The hat trusses held everything together. Blow up the hat trusses and the building should split like a banana.

Oh and one more important feature, the 81st floor. The floor where Steven Jones has shown that thermite was pouring out of the NE corner of WTC 2. The 81st floor was also a mechanical floor. This is where they installed the dozen, 24 ton elevator hoists. The same floor that Fuji Bank decided to add even more load right before 9/11, when they installed a load of battery backup units.

The result is that in steel grid construction, you have to wire the whole building. This was not necessary in the Twin Towers. If you attacked the core (easy to do via the elevator shafts), the mechanical floors and underneath the hat trusses, you could do a top down demolition and that was probably the only way to bring the buildings down.

Now go back and look at the impact zones, the floors they picked were not by accident.

Then there's WTC 7. WTC 7 was a very odd building. It used the same design as the Towers, with a steel core and a steel curtain wall. However, the main mechanical floors were down on floors 5 - 7. Floors 5 - 7 are also where the cantilevered trusses were located. WTC 7 used cantilevered trusses to hold up friggin 49 floors. They did this in order to build on top of a Con Ed Substation. Whose brilliant idea was that? But this is why WTC 7 was dropped from the bottom. Again, no need to wire the whole building. Blow out the core, the mechanical floors (including Rudy's extra strong OEM Bunker) and the cantilevered trusses and I'm sure gravity will take care of the rest.

WTC 7 had one more big problem, fuel load. There was an enormous amount of fuel stored in numerous places around the building. If anyone wonders why FDNY doesn't want to know what really happened, it's because there is a lot of blame to go around and whoever allowed an office building to be built on top of a major substation and then allowed the build to be loaded up with assorted fuels, should be in jail for a long time, regardless of whether or not they knew about the attack in advance.

Yes, this idea is one of

Yes, this idea is one of those ones where when you spend 5 minutes walking through it, you begin to see the absurdity of the claim.

All it would take is one office worker in the US to discover explosives planted in their building and the entire US economy would be destroyed as office workers walked out of their buildings en masse and lawsuits piled up a mile high.

It's mainly another way to waste people's time so the powerful stuff isn't being worked on.

It's just the wires ..

.. the explosives can then quickly be placed at pre-defined locations .
"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya

Don't need wires anymore

the days of Wile E Coyote and his blast box are long gone.

Wireless transmitters can detonate from a remotely located control center.

Make that.....

two votes for BULLS**T.

Make it 3 votes for B.S.! Btw, does that photo really look like

a buiding "pancake collapsing"? I think not. I'd say erupting/exploding is more like it.

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The amount of truth...

... I was never sure of. Just found it interesting. I found some more reading about this:


Well, I happen to know for a fact that in my own country the military has blue-prints
of all bridges with "blast-points" clearly indicated and the bridges even have space to place the explosives designed into them.
I strongly suspect the same is the case for other structures of strategic importance . I also know that it's a fact you just don't talk about .

That being said .. Project Godzilla ? Gimme a break :)
" Documents unveiled by the Sentinel reveal that for some reason,
FEMA's principal concern has been the invasion of giant radioactive monsters from off the coast of Japan. "
"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya

Bridges are a little different

There are plans for destruction of bridges (as well as certain roads and railways, I'm sure), since doing so slows down an invading army's progress through the country. Rigging buildings does not serve a similar purpose.

OTOH, I am not convinced this is such a far-fetched idea. As you said, it's enough to pre-plant the wiring. After all, the time consuming part is doing all the required math; the rest is mere physical labor. Top-down demolition is possible with wires, I don't see any problem there: the trigger signal may not reach the topmost part, if it's already been destroyed, but it will reach all the segments beneath it.

As for the top-down vs. bottom-up demolition - it's true that the known instances of CD go bottom-up, but note how different a typical building is from WTC. Most buildings have a relatively wide "base" and are relatively low, while WTC 1 and 2 were the opposite: the base was relatively small compared to their height. Would a bottom-up CD be possible at all in that case? Wouldn't the towers keel over and tumble "sideways" if you started by pulling out the lower floors from underneath the top structure?

Top-down demolition

Truthers have paraded at least one known example of top-down demolition.

I've wondered about the same thing: would it be safe to demolish a very tall and narrow building from bottom up? Top-down would appear safer to me in such cases. In practice, such buildings would probably be demolished the way the Deutsche Bank Building is currently being "demolished".

I doubt it

and it certainly isn't common practice in hi-rise construction.

At least it may focus

the attention on the fact that WTC1 and WTC2 where indeed imploded ...

Sorry, Exploded as well-

Sorry, Exploded as well- note the horizontal forces outside the perimeter walls. A bit of both techniques probably helped to bring 1 and 2 down.

During Steven Jones latest

During Steven Jones latest radio appearance he talked about super-thermate and how the microscopic particles could be manufactured in paint. That blew me away. The person planting the explosives may have just been a painter, if I understood Jones correctly.

steven jones

that's interesting. i will have to catch that. i was just listening to his lecture on microspheres and "red chips" from Boston last December, i believe.
the chips showed composition of thermite...he did not mention super-thermate...

Pre-planned explosion my *&s

You know, when I first saw the buildings go down I knew it was a controlled demolition, and when my husband came home that evening we watched the collapses again and again. I told him that I thought that they must have planned this just in case these buildings were hit.
So I waited a bit to hear them tell us,"This was the reason why we planted explosives in the buildings; to protect New Yorkers from disasters." guess what the explanation never came.
Explosives have a shelf live, they change and deteriorate with time and they would have tried to make it look like WTC7; organised and in control. No, this was not the government pre- thinking disasters, this was a full on attack on the world through the WTC. Shock and awe indeed.



has anyone seen? i have not, but as it's supposed to be a monster movie, just came to mind, godzilla and all.

Why is this blog posted?

At least the JREF idiots who are posting this obvious crap aren't stupid enough to call it "Project Cloverfield", since that movie came out years later, although I claim that it really wasn't called "Project Godzilla", the "anonymous deep throat" poster is wrong and doesn't know what he is talking about, it was actually was called "Project Cloverfield", which the movie was then later named after.

Do I win?

(don't people have any common sense anymore?)

The site is gone

The http://investigate911.se/ site no longer exists.