Bilderberg Meeting - "Citizens Expose Oligarchs" - Update 6/6

June 6th - 8:49 am CST - Alex Jones update on Coast to Coast AM
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For those unfamiliar with the Bilderbergers

Who are the Bilderbergers? (google)

In a nut shell, they are the "global rich man's club". They are the oligarchs (Oligarch = "member of a small governing faction"). They decide who runs for political office and they decide what the price of oil is. They operate under the cloak of "national security". They are meeting near Washington D.C. today (6/6/2008) and hundreds of brave American patriots are confronting them armed with nothing but video cameras. Video cameras versus sub-machine guns. Please visit for additional information.

Participant List Posted

Official 2008 Bilderberg Participant List

including . .

USA "Johnson, James A." "Vice Chairman, Perseus, LLC" (Obama’s man tasked with selecting his running mate)

6/6 PM Update

June 6th - 3:09 pm CST - Jason Bermas checks in with Alex Jones who is "bull-horning" Fed (not Federal) Chairman Ben Bernanke with wearechange's Luke Rudowski