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Coast To Coast AM - August 31 2013 - Other 9/11 Suspects - C2CAM Daily - John B. Wells

Kevin Ryan interviewed on nationally syndicated radio program, Coast To Coast AM, August 31, 2013. The show is broadcast on more than 500 stations across the US and Canada and averages 2 million listeners.

Russ Baker on Coast to Coast AM - 9/11/11

Guest host John B. Wells was joined by award-winning investigative reporter Russ Baker for a discussion on why so many unanswered questions linger about what exactly happened ten years ago on September 11th.

Russ Baker, Sunday Night, Radio Everywhere (Coast to Coast): 9/11 Unanswered Questions

Russ Baker, Sunday Night, Radio Everywhere (Coast to Coast): 9/11 Unanswered Questions

Russ Baker talks about unanswered questions surrounding the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks: Coast to Coast AM, radio stations everywhere. 11pm-2am Pacific Time, Sunday 9/11; 2-5am Eastern Time Monday.

For stations in the US, Canada etc (and online worldwide), see this list:

Participants in Coast to Coast AM 9-11 debate speak out

September 5th, 2010, by Shawn Hamilton,

Most observers consider the informal Coast to Coast “debate” between architect Richard Gage, chemist and scholar Niels Harrit, and physicists Dave Thomas and Kim Johnson to have been a success although who “won” depends largely on who you ask. The August 21st event, which was more of a conversation than a formal debate, explored what caused the destruction of the three World Trade Center buildings on September 11, 2001. Gage and Harrit argued that explosives destroyed the buildings while Thomas and Johnson reaffirmed the official explanation that office fires ultimately led to collapses.

Complaints to Coast to Coast about Ian Punnett in 9/11 debate Aug 21 - Please Fwd to them if you agree!

Hi all,
If you missed it, here is the 9/11 debate on Coast to Coast on August 21 between Richard Gage of AE911Truth and Dave Thomas, posted on YouTube:

I listened to it and was really disgusted and annoyed by Ian Punnett's performance. It was highly obstructive, ignorant and crossed the line several times. Therefore, I've sent this letter of complaint to Coast to Coast management, including to Ian himself. Please read it and forward it to them if you agree, to their public emails below.

I strongly believe these complaints are legitimate and Ian's negative obstructive behavior should be called attention to. He was NOT a good host during this debate at all, and showed a lot of ignorance which he falsely pinned onto Richard. I gave some examples below in the letter.

Here it is. If you agree with it, copy and paste it and send it to their emails below. Or send them your own complaint letter. If enough people complain, they might listen and do something about their host's bad behavior.


Coast to Coast AM 911 debate with Richard Gage and Dave Thomas

Coast to Coast AM 911 debate with Richard Gage and Dave ThomasCoast to Coast AM 9/11 debate with Richard Gage and Dave Thomas

On Saturday August 21st, 2010, Richard Gage, AIA from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and Dave Thomas a physicist from New Mexicans for Science and Reason, joined Ian Punnett on Coast to Coast AM for the entire program of 4 hours to debate how the World Trade Center buildings collapsed on September 11, 2001.

Nationwide AE911Truth Ads on Coast to Coast with George Noory

This is the big leagues. AE911Truth is running a series of 30 second spots on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory in the build up to Richard Gage's appearance as a guest on the show July 31st.

[Starting this Thursday, July 15th at 2:17 a.m. Eastern]

Remember this will be a truly national spot airing on 500+ stations! A first for 9/11 truth. [There was a spot on Coast to Coast earlier this year, but it only ran in the Los Angeles market]. This is not just a local affiliate of a nationally syndicated show-- this is a nationwide ad that will be heard by nearly a half million people.

So put on a pot of joe and listen this Thursday at 2:17 a.m. Eastern. // Wed. 11:17 pm. Pacific

Thursday is the original spot by Ed Asner, while following versions will be modified to serve as promos for Gage's appearance on the 31st.

Radio Affiliates:

AE911Truth on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory – 11pm to 1am Tues 6/9/09

Join us on the nationally syndicated radio show Coast to Coast AM with George Noory! Millions of Americans listen to this show. We’ve been waiting for this call for a while now. George wants to spend the full 2 hours delving into AE911Truth and the physical evidence of the destruction of the 3 WTC high-rise towers. We hope you can all join us!

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George Noory - C2C - 911 Fifth Anniversary Show, David Hawkins, AJ, WingTV

George Noory - C2C - 911 Fifth Anniversary Show, Sept11-06.mp3

(28346 KB) 32kbps recording, no commercials


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" 9-11 Special

Various guests shared their research and views into what happened during the 9-11 attacks, and who was behind them. First, forensic economist David Hawkins presented his complex theory that a planned simulated sabotage exercise was used as a cover to hide explosives in the WTC buildings before 9-11. The motivation by the owners (a group that controls the huge TIAA-CREF pension fund), was to collect on the insurance money, as well as to cause America's collapse, using al Qaeda as hired mercenaries, claimed Hawkins. For more, see his article Manufactured Shock.

Next up, Victor Thorn & Lisa Guliani, the co-hosts of Wing TV, espoused the view that Israel had a central role in the 9-11 attacks, citing the behavior of a group of Israelis that were arrested in New Jersey and who may have been shadowing the al Qaeda terrorists. Thorn & Guliani also shared their belief that Flight 93 didn't actually crash in Shanksville, but rather it was a diversionary missile that left a crater there.