Civil Information on The "Unbought and Unbossed" Show on CHLY-FM

The "Unbought and Unbossed" Show on CHLY 101.7 FM in Nanaimo, BC with host Raymond Geisler - Show #72 - Wed. June 4th, 2008

This week's episide of Unbought and Unbossed featured an interview with Doug Brinkman of Edmonton 9/11 Truth and Wayne Prante of Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley 9/11 Truth, both of whom travelled to Nanaimo, B.C. (on Vancouver Island) to be Raymond's
in-studio guests. Chris Stewart of Nanaimo 9/11 Truth also joined the show in the second hour.

The focus was on the 9/11 Truth Movement in Canada, Civil Information Activism and the importance of "being the media". Other topics included the March on Ottawa and the Petition for a 9/11 Investigation in Canada (which will be delivered to the House of Parliament) on September 11th, 2008, the War in Afghanistan, and the use of Depleted Uranium Weapons. A few calls from listeners were also taken.

Canadian 9/11 Truth Radio: Unbought & Unbossed Show #72 June 4
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Length: 1 hour and 51 Minutes (with breaks and announcements edited out)

Pictures (click each to enlarge):

3 Amigos
The 3 Amigos
in studio 1
Doug and Wayne
in studio 2
on board the ferry to Nanaimo
On the ferry to Nanaimo

Audio Tracks Played During the Show:

-Dick Cheney ex-director of CFR talks to David Rockefeller
-Former Air Force and professional pilot Russ Wittenburg doubts official 911 story

-Susan McIlwain Witness to smaller plane in Shanksville

-Anti-War Speech by Floyd, an active duty US military

-Gulf War Syndrome by CBC June 1998

Songs Played:

Actions Speak Louder by Bruce Cockburn

Dirge by Bob Dylan

Running Dry by Neil Young

Bloodletting by Anon Tobin

Red Brother Red Sister by Bruce Cockburn

The Blues Got The World... by Bruce

When The President Talks To God byBright Eyes

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Show Description:

Unbought and Unbossed is an independent voice dedicated to presenting and discussing issues of great social and political importance. In our present post-9/11 Canada it is more vital than ever to critically examine our collective understanding of contemporary politics and the direction our elected servants are taking us. We strongly encourage listeners to question what you think you know about todays world events, and to analyse the motives behind where we get our information from.

Our every freedom is at stake in this battle for truth and accountability, the prize is nothing less than the health of our collective human soul.

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