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Civil Information on The "Unbought and Unbossed" Show on CHLY-FM

The "Unbought and Unbossed" Show on CHLY 101.7 FM in Nanaimo, BC with host Raymond Geisler - Show #72 - Wed. June 4th, 2008

This week's episide of Unbought and Unbossed featured an interview with Doug Brinkman of Edmonton 9/11 Truth and Wayne Prante of Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley 9/11 Truth, both of whom travelled to Nanaimo, B.C. (on Vancouver Island) to be Raymond's
in-studio guests. Chris Stewart of Nanaimo 9/11 Truth also joined the show in the second hour.

9/11 Civil Information on Truth Revolution Radio with Cosmos

On Sunday, May 4th 2008, "Cosmos" of Truth Revolution Radio featured "9/11 Civil Informationing" on his weekly show on WTPRN. His guests were Robin Hordon and Wayne Prante of the

Cosmos is the founder of and is the man behind the international "11th of Every Month" Campaign which has done so much to propel 9/11 visibility and action in the past 18 months.

Civil Informationing in the Fraser Valley, B.C. April 26th, 2008

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

Chilliwack, B.C. Six members Fraser Valley 9/11 Truth were on hand in Chilliwack on this day from 2 pm until 6 pm and set up at the Five Corners intersection in the centre of town, and were later joined by 3 more. We met up at the adjacent parking lot. On our way there, we noted that there was another information booth set up near the corner. It belonged to the RCMP Citizen's Patrol. We also discovered the Canadian Armed Forces had an event just up the street. We found this to be a bonus!

See intro video: WE WANT TO REPORT A CRIME

9/11 Civil Information Blog Salutes Prof. Steven E. Jones

Prof. Steven E. Jones (Journal of 911 has reported the successful publication of a new peer-reviewed paper concerning the destruction of the World Trade Center. We wish to congratulate him and his colleagues on this outstanding achievement, but also to honor him for his moral character and his wonderful, civil demeanor. The entire post and the paper can be read here, along with many, many comments.

For our purposes, while we hope everyone will read the paper itself, we would like to highlight the tone of Dr. Jones presentation:


9/11 Civil Info Sunday In Seattle, April 6th

April 6th, 2008
Seattle, WA

Robin Hordon reports ...

I had another great session at Kingston Ferry...handed out all my remaining DVDs...and may have found another fellow who wants to join in...we will see...only got two thumbs down versus three hundred positives...including about FIVE direct "thank yous" for being out there...way cool...

Fraser Valley 9/11 Truth - Civil Informationing April 6th

Maple Ridge, BC
Sunday, April 6, 2008

Marilyn and I, along with newcomer Marina, were out today for some 9/11 Civil Information-ing. It rained on and off,so we could not set up at the usual location, but we did find a sheltered spot (empty store front with an awning) on 224th St (the main street) right next to a busy Italian Ice Cream Cafe and so we set up there. We had, numerous DVD compilations, music CDs and our new Weapon of Myth Destruction: a portable DVD player. There was not a lot of pedestrian traffic given the weather, but enough to make it worth while, and while some sauntered by obliviously, others crossed the street to talk to us and to learn more, and were thankful for our presence there.

(Picture taken with my very old pocket digi-cam - sorry, it's all I've got !)

9/11 Civil Information Salutes Colorado Truth Activists

We wish to congratulate these outstanding individuals and groups on a job well done!

A new video produced by '
We Are Change - Colorado' in collaboration with and was recently brought to our attention in which they ask Sen. Gary Hart some sharp questions. Our blog members have now had a chance to review it and we are very impressed, extremely pleased, and proud to share it with others as a fine example of positive, civil activism. We invite others to watch it and truly hope many will take the time to do so. While not pertaining directly to the events of 9/11, it is relevant in terms of understanding the agenda behind it, which we have seen unfolding in the wake of events of that day.

'Unbought and Unbossed' Show #46 Dec. 5 - A Sales and Marketing approach to 9/11 Truth Activism

'Unbought and Unbossed' is an independent voice dedicated to discussing the political and social issues most relevant to Canadian citizens. It is a 9/11 Truth friendly show and demands answers, accountability and action from our political and economic leaders, as well as to Plant seeds of truth, hope and love. It's hosted by Raymond Geisler and can be heard each Wednesday on CHLY-FM at 8pm PST

This week's show featured an interview with Wayne Prante of Greater Vancouver / Fraser Valley 9/11 Truth, about a new paper he published entitled "9/11 Truth Sales and Marketing Strategies - A Positive Approach to Increasing Public Awareness about 9/11 Issues" pointing out a wealth of adaptable information from the business world and shows that we need not reinvent the wheel to meet our objectives.

Wayne was a founding member of the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Society, and was the central organizer of the pivotal Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference in June 2007. Through his work in this area, Wayne has established a network of contacts and has been instrumental in establishing the 9/11 Truth movement in Canada, which now includes groups in 14 cities across the nation.