WeAreCHANGE Minnesota Confronts Amy Goodman and Dan Rather on Bilderberg Group

Amy Goodman & Dan Rather confronted about Bilderberg Group

Dan Rather feigns ignorance. However, according to Bilderberg researcher and journalist Daniel Estulin, Rather,
formerly of CBS News, is a member in good standing.

Goodman’s facial expression, when asked about the Bilderbergs, in the video above is priceless,
so much so Minnesota Change decided to freeze-frame it and add the Jeopardy theme song.

Damn liars !

Goodman & Rather pretend to be different types of journalists,

but they are both on the same team of treasonous gatekeepers of 9/11 truth, the Bilderberg meetings, & the NWO/gloabists who seek to destroy U.S. sovereignty & rule the world!

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