Not Seeing What's Right Under Our Nose

I am constantly amazed at how we can fail to see things which are right under our nose.

For example, former Congressman Dan Hamburg's excellent essay entitled "State of Emergency: The US in the Final Six Months of the George W. Bush Administration" got a lot of interest in the alternative press last Friday.

In that essay, Mr. Hamburg wrote:

We believe that this administration is so zealous, so determined to hold onto power, that they may well stage a “false flag” attack, creating just the kind of “catastrophic emergency” to which NSPD-51 refers.

(NSPD-51 is a Continuity of Government document; if you don't know what a "false flag" is, read this).

So we the alternative media publish a story warning about a possible false flag attack so as to create a state of emergency which will allow the overt declaration of martial law.

But we ridicule any suggestion that 9/11 was itself a false flag attack, which allowed the passage of the Patriot Act and the "soft" form of fascism which already exists in America?

Do we know that Congressman Hamburg has long questioned the government's version of 9/11? Do we know that he is a member of the group Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice (and before that, Scholars for 9/11 Truth)?

Do we remember that other Congress people question the government's version of 9/11?

Do we notice that Congressman Kucinich's articles of impeachment against Bush and Cheney include facts proving that they allowed the attacks to occurred, and then covered up what happened?

Do we listen when thousands of high-level military officials, intelligence officers, former prosecutors, scientists, structural and mechanical engineers, architects and other credible people -- even the 9/11 Commissioners themselves -- question the government's version of 9/11?

Do we understand that this is not a partisan issue for the left or the right?

How can we, the publishers, editors and writers in the alternative media, acknowledge the danger of a false flag attack but not even see what is right under our nose . . . the multiple lines of evidence pointing to the conclusion that 9/11 was the biggest false flag attack of all time?

But it doesn't smell so good.

We fail to see things because really looking at them would lead to a sense of responsibility that is neither convenient nor comfortable.

I'm starting to wonder if maybe people will be better able to face the possibility that their government could have done such a thing when those who are implicated are no longer in power. And I'm also wondering how many more Scott McClellans we have to look forward to.

This could all break wide open in the next year. But my pessimism has got me thinking they will come up with some new emergency by then. More control by fear. Keeping the "barbarians" from coming together.

The summaries are getting so good lately. I hope we are not only posting to 9/11 forums but also letting people know about them. I've been curious about what percentage of those who consider themselves movement participants are reading all this good stuff. Hard to say. But we should encourage it.


it smells worse than that

In addition to those in denial, a huge % of the population who are in the know refuse to do anything about it.

They reason to themselves: 1 person wont make a difference ... or what do i care ? it wasnt my family that died on 9/11 ... or I'm not gonna get my name put on a list ... or I dont need to do anything, theres these `truth groups' that will take care of it ... or yeah thats really terrible that our govt is mass murdering innocent people, but i gotta take care of my own and therefore have zero time to dedicate to activism ... or nothing bad is gonna happen here anyway.

The excuses go on and on.

I'm sure the same type of excuses were used by alot of the German people just before the `allies' started blowing the hell outta their country. I bet they wished they would have gotten off their asses then. Done some demonstrating and speaking out early on and gotten rid of the psychopaths before all that.

Is it better to carry signs and demonstrate in the streets than to carry guns and hide from bombs and bullets in the basement ?

You are SO right, GW. I

You are SO right, GW.

I emailed this article over the weekend to many of my non-believing-in-9/11- truth friends (which is hovering at about 100% with maybe 2 on the fence) . . .

I don't know what it will take.

I constantly think of what we were all taught in school here about the German people during the 1940's and how could they NOT have known . . . . "And then they came for me . . . . . "

Summer of Truth, 2008

The truth is coming out though...

...we are winning. They have now resorted to making death threats against us. That means we have passed from widespread ridicule to violent opposition. The next step is widespread acceptance. Keep going. We're winning. People like Mr. Hamburg are helping us everyday.

"Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government." -The Declaration of Independence