WeAreChange confronts Christie Todd Whitman

On September 11, 2001 former NJ governor Christie Todd Whitman was the Environmental Protection Agency Director. The agency issued false statements and declared the air safe to breathe. Here is the former EPA Director's response to critical questions nearly seven years later.




She is lying through her teeth. I'd like to see one of these releases that were given to the Ground Zero workers. She mentioned statements on TV and radio. If you watch the hearings held by Rep. Nadler, they will show SEVERAL examples of Whitman on the TV reassuring New Yorkers... WITHOUT mentioning differences between Ground Zero, and the rest of the city.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

I believe Mike, not Christie

Tuesday August 1, 2006

Ground zero hero Major Mike McCormack tells Alex Jones he was deliberately targeted (home raided) for releasing EPA documents which demonstrated that the Bush administration knew that 9/11 first responders were in danger

(40 Minutes)

Prison Planet

Nice work

She sounds like she wasn't responsible and did all she could do. I would agree with most of the callers, that she's a criminal.


Put her in the jail and throw the key away.

Mark in Philly

Whitman & the other NeoCons are consumate liars. They

can make their boldfaced lies sound quite specious or even plausible to many people.

The towers & other WTC building were filled with asbestos, toxic metals & plastics of all sorts (merely consider the 100,000 old-fashioned computer monitors that weighed about 35 lbs. each, for example), etc. Then the whole mess continued to burn & smolder for months, with poisons & carcinogens of dust & gas being inhaled by everyone in the area!

Next, we have to consider all the thermate/thermite & other explosive residue & byproducts, & the pools of molten metal radiating below the entire death trap.

God only knows what else was present there! I don't think the EPA or any other gov't agency will tell us voluntarily!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321

Whitman lied!

She was only legally excused for her lie because she claimed she was following a directive from the White House and cleared by the NSC.

The fact that she lied isn't even in dispute.

She is a lying liar.

Thanks dude for the post.

Did you know Christie Todd Whitman

is related by marriage to the Bush family.

Whitman is related by marriage to the Bush family; her brother, Webster B. Todd Jr., married Sheila O'Keefe, the stepdaughter of James Wear Walker, whose sister Dorothy Walker Bush was the mother of George H.W. Bush and grandmother of George W. Bush.



Wasn't she convicted in court?

Wasn't she convicted in court and lectured by the Judge?

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I don't like it...

She hides behind little legal loopholes, like saying, it was safe to stay in Manhatten, but we advised for people to have their homes professionally cleaned, meaning having all the dust removed from the air ventilation systems, the carpeting, the window sills, even the plumbing. So what about the low income people living in apartment buildings with already failing air quality? Who has to pay for the cleaning?

Talk about indifference, which is precisely the problem with this Christine Whitman character. It would be interesting to do some investigating on her and see what other environmental crimes she's covered up.

Watch Dust to Dust on Google, the only movie that I know that deals exclusively with the 911 Dust issue.


Whitman has to be admired

Whitman has to be admired for at least putting herself out there for this type of questioning, unlike many of her Bush colleagues. Of course she's gonna deny responsibility and tell us all about her son being nearby, and how much the agency tried to warn people. I think We Are Change needs to come up with a more coherent strategy for making call ins to show like this, with other current and former Bush Administration people. Consulting a lawyer, like William Pepper beforehand, can only help. I would have asked her, for instance about what "she knew" about White House moves to soften the warning language coming out of EPA at the time or what she knew about attempts to tamper with EPA findings and risk assessments during that period. Most EPA personnel are in open rebellion against Bush political appointees to that organization. See:
She could be queried about stuff like that too. She's a republican team player, remember. She's never gonna admit to wanting another investigation. She probably knows much more than she's letting onto, so asking the right questions, questions that a trial lawer would find useful, are where it's at.

I applaud We Are Change for keeping this approach on going and intense. I'm just saying that with guests like Whitman, more pre-show consulting and strategising needs to happen.

I agree with you completely.

The fact is that that this confrontation was completely spontaneous, no one was actually prepared, and most of us had not even heard the prior calls when we called in. We did not know about this in advance and were notified on the fly. Sometimes truth-squad opportunities present themselves out of nowhere. You just have to try your best, that’s what counts. But I definitely agree that if you know you are going to confront corrupt politicians you had better be prepared because they sure will be. Thanks for the constructive feedback -Brian


Why was she on the show? Just to face the public? Seems unlikely.
I also thought it was interesting that her son was in Building 7 as she said.
I wonder who he worked for. If he was in on it, he would've been safe.
She wouldn't have had to worry about him, like she claimed as an excuse during the interview.

Good Question.

I found it interesting that her son was in Building 7, I think this link could be explored. When did her son leave the building and what was he told etc. How does she think Building 7 collapsed at virtual free fall speed? Is she aware of the lack of any information about building 7 in the 911 commission report? Is she aware of the significant controversy about the collapse and the work of people like Steven Jones and Richard Gage? She didn't sound opposed to a new investigation and said she had nothing to hide etc.
Regarding the air quality she must understand that what ever efforts the EPA made to address the question a failure in communication resulted in at the very least people being very confused about what the agency was saying or not saying. What looking back would she have changed if she had the chance? How did she feel about the oversight of the oval office on her reports? I think we should email her or send written correspondence to confront her about these concerns and questions. The talk show host became frustrated with the fact that the callers had apparently failed to listen to previous questions and her answers.

That lying neocon apologist should be rotting in jail

This is unbelievable. Watching that liar Whitman trying to rewrite history is frustrating beyond all bounds.

*Regarding the "cleanup", guess which building got a thorough cleaning, and virtually nowhere else did? The EPA Building.
*Despite the Bush Administration's "promise" of "no expense spared" in cleaning up affected buildings in Lower Manhattan, there was no real clean up. People were told to wear a paper mask and do it themselves.
*Ground Zero workers were ordered not to wear breathing apparatus or protective clothing, by both NYC officials and corporate employers, "lest they scare the public" (!!!!!)
*In contrast, workers not wearing breathing apparatus and protective gear at the Pentagon were ordered off the site.
*The EPA did not test the air down to the particulate sizes that are considered the most hazardous, ie <1 micron in diameter.
*The White House CEQ, under James Connaughton, deliberately altered the cautionary language put out in the EPA's already compromised report.
*Condoleezza Rice's office underwrote the alterations to the EPA's report.
*The nature of the toxic hazards that was discovered by EPA, and circulated in private in the EPA offices was completely different to the doctored data available to the public via the EPA's website.
*The experts employed by the government to determine the levels of asbestos in the atmosphere were *fired* when they published the results.
*The story of the hazardous air was covered in the New York Daily News only to get shut down after threats from Giuliani's office. Journalist Juan Gonzales, was fired from covering the story.
*The office of the ombudsman in charge re. the aftermath of 9/11 was dismantled when it released material indicating that the air was toxic and hazardous.
*Many people attempting to collect financial assistance for treatment have been harassed by insurance companies, even followed and surveilled by PIs, and denied insurance coverage, for injuries sustained by breathing the dust.
*The previously "acceptable" number of cancers resulting from any one contaminant in an accident was one in a million people affected. 9/11 saw the number lowered to 1 in 10,000 as being "acceptable" for any one contaminant. There were 2,500 known contaminants at Ground Zero, which included many known carcinogens.
*There were thousands of smoke detectors in the buildings, which contained the radioactive isotope Americium 241.
*The air conditioning equipment in the Twin Towers included huge tanks of liquid Freon gas which leaked and possibly came into contract with the pools of molten steel in the basements possibly forming the poison gas Phosgene, a chemical weapon used in WW1. Many people reported synptoms similar to that of phosgene exposure.
*Approaching 500 people have died so far as a direct result of exposure to the poisonous atmosphere.

*and much more.

So, the Bush Administration, *directly* responsible for the mass murder of over 2,800 people as a result of the attack, has killed another 500, by aiding and abetting a *chemical attack* on the people of New York.


Bloggulator, I wish you would have called in!

I'm the guy in the FDNY hat in the beginning of the video. I wish I could have confronted
this political whore. Bloggulator hit on almost everything that came to mind listening
to Whitman trying to justify her murderous actions. To this day, almost 7 years later,
many of the schools near Ground Zero still haven't cleaned the air intake vents
properly. I wonder what lies Whitman would have used concerning Stuyvesant High School
and the extremely high number of students and faculty who are presently suffering from deathly
respiratory diseases.

For thoses who believe Whitman,should do some real research. This video upsets me
beyond words.

"September 11 was a tragedy that has changed the course of history and the way we live. It was also an environmental disaster of epic proportions. Hundreds of tons of asbestos were pulverized and dispersed around Lower Manhattan and beyond. The tens of thousands of fluorescent lightbulbs each contained enough mercury to contaminate a quarter of a city block. The Trade Center's 50,000 computers were each made with four to twelve pounds of lead. The smoke detectors contained radioactive americium 241. The alkalinity of the air was equivalent to that of Draino. A month after the disaster, Dr. Thomas Cahill of the University of California at Davis found levels of very-fine and ultra-fine particulates that were the highest he'd ever recorded in the course of taking 7000 samples around the world, including at the burning Kuwaiti oil fields.1 In addition there were record levels of dioxin, PCBs, and all the other contaminants one might expect to find when a modern city - which is what the World Trade Center was - burns for several months. In the words of Dr. Marjorie Clarke, 9/11 was "equivalent to dozens of asbestos factories, incinerators and crematoria - as well as a volcano." 2

Hello sir

and thank you for your service after 9/11 and caring enough to speak out. I can only apologize for us not being more prepared, but the circumstances of this confrontation are not clear from the video. We actually did not know that she would be doing a radio show. One of our members found out on the fly and called the rest of us. None of us were actually listening to the program before we called in nor were we very prepared to counter her spin, admittedly. However, we did our best with the opportunity and I am proud of our collective effort. If nothing else, the clip of Loose Change shows that the White House edited multiple statements, not just one as she claimed. Christie now knows that this issue will not be forgotten and if she speaks in public she will be confronted.

"To this day, almost 7 years

"To this day, almost 7 years later,
many of the schools near Ground Zero still haven't cleaned the air intake vents
properly. "

That's just disgusting.