It was obvious to any physicist how the buildings came down

After talking about the hydrogen economy and the space race, Professor Muller (at about 7:30) is led by Boston Public Radio host Tom Ashbrook to the subject of what future presidents should know about the physics of terrorism; specifically, how did those buildings come down? (hint: it was too many calories!)

10 minute clip (mp3)

Physics for Future Presidents
Aired: Monday, July 21, 2008 11-12PM ET (on National Petroleum Radio)

By host Tom Ashbrook

In January next year, a new American president will step into the Oval Office and into a mess of challenges from energy crisis and terrorism to global climate change.

Berkeley physics professor Richard Muller has a few things he'd like that president to know about the science around those challenges.

From solar power to dirty bombs, he reminds us, the world is real. You can't just wave a wand. His celebrated course "Physics for Future Presidents" is one of Berkeley's most popular.

This hour, On Point: We get the briefing, the short course. Physics for Future Presidents.

Richard A. Muller, professor of physics at the University of California at Berkeley and a MacArthur Fellowship winner, he is the author of "Physics for Future Presidents: The Science Behind the Headlines."


Richard Muller is a member of the JASON Defense Advisory Group which brings together top scientists as consultants for the United States Department of Defense.


"For administrative purposes, JASON's activities are run through the MITRE Corporation, a non-profit corporation in McLean, Virginia, which contracts with the Defense Department."

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

Good ol' MITRE Corp...

When approached to perform outsource contracting for gigantic MITRE Corp (apparently, they didn't have their own in-house capacity for welding and drilling holes in aluminum. urp!), I was asked a rather bizarre string of questions about my business structure, prior and base customers, personal history and "insurance coverage".

I asked to confirm, that "at this nascent point in time, we are only talking about a $700 'get to know each other' job... I'm not about to acquire a multi thousand dollar insurance policy until you people start showing me a hundred thousand in business."

To which I was then asked, "well, what would you do if while working on our valuable equipment... your dog was killed and your place burned down?"

To which I laughed through my genuine answer (get another dog and rebuild) and hung up shortly thereafter.

But wikipedia is shit too and I wouldn't trust a damn thing it says either.

Doesn't sound like good

Doesn't sound like good physics to me--"gasoline" blowing out the building's support causing the top portion to act like a "sledgehammer" and smash through the intact mass of the building below at near free-fall speed while pulverizing virtually everything. All of the points he makes have long been refuted.

JFK on secrecy and the press

It seemed to me

that the entire premise of the program was just an excuse to try and reinforce the official fantasy of how the buildings came down.

New rules.

So now the laws of physics are being rewritten so that people don't have to believe the truth about 9/11
What next? Repeal the law of gravity?
How stupid do they think we are?? Oh never mind.

Thanks for highlighting the connections

He was on the local program "Forum" here this morning promoting nuclear power and how there are all sorts of "environmental dangers" with wind turbines! It was absurd. Numerous people called in furious.

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Please check out this article I just finished disecting Mullers statements.

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