9/11 Truth Band to Play Cabinfest

They played Truthstock in 07, don't miss them for this crazy deal of 3 nights in a cabin, unlimited booze, and more music than you can shake a stick at. Cabinfest 2008.

Tickets available here;

Until justice is served,

Wish I could be there!

Great work Jesse....keep rockin man and have a great and safe time! Give my best to the rest of the band.

Free Ticket

I believe I deserve a a free ticket for your 3am 9/11 2007 accomadations in NYC..., especially considering the bad manners of your base player for taking the only couch.

" Hi --------, I know its almost four but you got to buzz me in,.... I 've got no place else to go...........oh yea,.... I also have a funk band from Albany with me, ...."

Radical Pragmatist


I wish I got that comment earlier or I would have hooked you up with a free ticket. Good to hear from you!