Howard Stern Outreach Continued

Following Jesse Ventura's incredible interview on the Howard Stern Show last week I would like to renew my call to outreach, with updated contact information. Let's build bridges with the Stern audience.

Howard recently said he would have William Rodriguez on the program during an interview with Rosie O'Donnell. Let's contact the Stern Show, thank them for having Jesse on, and ask Howard to keep his word by having William on the program. Willy has given us his blessings in this endevour.

The number to get on the air during the show is 212-584-5330. You can also leave a message with a producer. A secondary contact # is 1-888-927-7465. And/or email the following addresses: (Will Murray) (Jason Kaplan) (JD)

I would cc all 4 addresses to all emails to maximize our impact.

Spread this far and wide!

Jesse Ventura on Howard Stern

(battling Hannity)

Tuesday May 21, 2008

Huge new development! . . . Jason Bermas joins Alex Jones to report on Jesse Ventura's appearance on Howard Stern's radio program. They listen to the clip and comment.

I love

the way Jessie just eats up Hannity. It's a thing of beauty. As far as e-mailing Stern, great idea. Lets bombard him. It's getting to the point that there is more of us (truthers) than them (sheeple). It looks like the truth is starting to snowball!!!

My email to the Stern Show

Dear Stern Show producers,

as a life-long, die-hard Stern fan, I thank you for having Jesse Ventura on the program last week. He is a true American hero and is educating people about critical issues that need to be discussed. According to polls, the majority of Americans have unanswered questions about 9/11 and are not satisfied with the work of the 9/11 Commission. The fact that the Commission was compromised is not a "conspiracy theory", it is fact, to even the most casual researcher. Hundreds of government, military, and intelligence officials, architects, engineers, pilots, experts, family members, and first responders are demanding a new investigation into 9/11. You can read some of their quotes at

Not long ago, during an interview with Rosie O'Donnell, Howard said he would have William Rodriguez on the program. Willy was the head of maintanence in the North Tower and was a national hero on 9/11 for helping rescue dozens of people. As the sole owner of the master key, he entered the burning building multiple times, unlocking doors for firemen and rescuing dozens of people. Not only that, he also stayed to help as a first responder after the towers had collapsed. Willy was even honored at the White House. But the problem is that he and other people witnessed explosions in the basement of the building before either plane had hit. People were burned and almost killed by whatever happened down there prior to the plane impacts. Willy's story and timeline is corroborated by other eyewitnesses. There are also hundreds of other first responders and survivors who reported explosions inside the towers, both before and after either plane had hit. Incredibly, all of this testimony was covered-up by the 9/11 Commission, even when firemen stated beyond any doubt that there were "secondary devices" planted in the building.

Willy now travels the world telling his story to millions, while the U.S. is the only place he can't seem to get mainstream media coverage. You can learn more about William Rodriguez at

The American people need to hear his story, if only to decide for themselves if we are being lied to by our government. This is the most important issue of our time and you all can be on the right side of history by bringing the information to the masses. Please ask Howard to have William Rodriguez on the program.

Brian Kenny
Manhattan NY