Able Danger

WIth regards to Able Danger, at the very least, people should be held accountable for obstruction of justice, retaliation against whistleblowers, gross incompetence, etc... At the very worst, well, you know...

By the way...

If I wanted to attack Weldon, and ignore the extremely credible information he presented regarding 9/11, I could do it easily. However, I won't.

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Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Able Danger timeline, great Jon!

These timelines are presented in an original manner, Jon! It's a pretty creative way to get the information out.

Able Danger is possibly the most under-reported of all the obvious government misconduct!

...don't believe them!

Soon the public will surf 911blogger

If we keep doing the work in the streets of informing people of their governement, and do so by inviting them into the 9/11 Rabbit Hole, we will be dealing with people who are well behind the "informational curve", yet are right with us "in their gut" use an awful phrase.

So, this video is great, BUT, a brief explanation of what Able Danger was all about would serve to orient and educate the common citizen enough so that they will be able to see how the story all flows together.

This "simplification" will do wonders for Truthers as they perfom CI because less is more, simpler is better, and brevity is usually best...unless you get a really well educated person and then its an awsome and uplifting conversation...

CI...Civil Informationing understands that the messaging has to be developed to reach the audience. Most Truthers know immediately what is being talked about, but "factually", many citizens are light years behind regarding some details and the "connectable dots".

So, the idea for blogger is to make it more user friendly, and that calls for an appropriate amount of simplification and repetition about which ALL Truthers need to remain respectful of the authors.

Switching gears to another perspective...

Here is a question:

If the military, intel agencies, and war funding comprise 55% of the total budget of the USofA, and all the rest of the government of the USofA runs on 45% of that total budget...which then is the REAL government...

...the military government...or

...the rest of the organization that we call our government?

See folks, I postulate that its a sophisticated military coup or junta that has crept upwards in influence and finally into control of our country since the military was sent to the dog house after Vietnam. The military is the only organization that can pull all these things off...its a "protection racket".

And who WAS that young secretary of defense back in the 70s?...HMMM

Thank goodness we have an unbiased Attorney General because we can always go to our Supreme Court to right the ship.

At least they have not made us wear uniforms [as most of the militarizing actuators are now mostly undercover in civvies, and don't wear their "unies" now anyway...except on FAUX TV...]...

Nor, do they make us salute them...although, with their attempts to surpress our rights to freedom of speech in public, they are giving it a good go.

This is why its so important that thousands of small, legal, well behaved groups perform CI all across our country on a routine basis. Once you learn how to legally be out there in public, the local gestapo now HAVE to protect you in such small legal gatherings...its a WIN-WIN-WIN.

BTW...the best responses that I get are: "Thanks for being out here...Thanks for doing this...I'm glad someone is doing this...".

The worst statement I get as a few walk away..."good luck" though its just ME that needs the luck? Quite a detachment on their part to which I say: "Hey, its your country too!". They usually nod...

AND...its still getting better and better each and every day that I go out there...

Love, Peace and Progress with:


[this is a polite way to say we need to throw the bums out...almost all of them...and then start over...]

Robin Hordon