CNN: Conspiracy theorists 'not swayed' by WTC7 explanation

There you have it, folks --

From the Mockingbird media, CNN division:

"[E]xperts" and "investigators" have shown that heat caused Bldg. 7 to "collapse" (though no mention of uncomfortable details like: burst into tiny fragments, and only then drop at an astounding near-freefall speed into its own footprint).

But "conspiracy theorists" (media code for: kooks with too much time on their hands) don't believe this, though none of them are interviewed and no arguments for that disbelief are even mentioned.

They don't want to bother viewers with troublesome details!

It's well put, mcfrandy! Corporate Controlled Media (CCM) doesn't want to burden the viewer with niggly details! We'll do their thinking for them! They will take our word for it as they have for many years and a couple decades, already! You can only term it, Orwellian!

...don't believe them!

Feds have solved the 911 Mystery like Anthrax crime of 2001 ?

"Feds Say They've Solved 9/11 Mystery" yes ? like they have solved the Anthrax crime in 2001 !!

Engage french police they could not do a worse job.

Thanks CNN

......What a great one sided story! Did anyone notice the computer image? It showed the collapse starting on one side, yet we all know the whole f**king building came straight down.

Molten Metal....

I've often thought about writing an essay called something like "Our Incredibly Incurious Chattering Class."

1) All of the experts (including the government's) say that the temperatures of the fires in the WTC buildings came nowhere close to the temperatures required to melt steel.

2) Much physical and eyewitness evidence exists clearly and irrefutably demonstrating that there were large quantities of molten metal under the rubble of all three collapsed WTC buildings, and that this molten metal remained molten for many WEEKS even though tens of thousands of gallons of water were continuously sprayed on the rubble

3) In SEVEN YEARS no one -- not a single soul -- out of the hundreds of corporate owned media journalists has asked the obvious and simple question: "Where did all of this molten metal come from?"

It just makes me want to scream. In my opinion, as far as the government is concerned, molten metal is the third rail of this montrous con job -- if they touch it they die. Not only will they not talk about it, they won't even admit that it existed! There is just no way they could continue to get away with it without the full complicity of the corporate owned media.

This is why it's so imperative that the American people get a REAL investigation of these events conducted by impartial technical and legal experts WITH SUBPOENA power. Only then can these craven liars be COMPELLED to answer real questions.

at 2:21: "The Lead

at 2:21:
"The Lead Investigator said if someone like a conspiracy 'ther-or-ist' (terrorist?) were to step forward with genuine science to support another conclusion, he would consider it.."

Well NIST, here ya go... Why aren't you looking?

WeAreChang how about handing over acopy of this video to NIST?

Herblay FRANCE

we should take the Lead Investigator on his word.

how about asking CNN or another TV news group to film you handing over a copy of this video to NIST. And it would perhaps help to be received if you were accompagnied by a few hundred other 911 truthers.

And here is another thing the Lead Investigator should have that is not explained by his report



Did NIST Present Physical Evidence?

Or simply draw hypothetical conclusions ... or theories of random events conspiring to collapse the tower?

No, they'd much rather

sit around looking at movies, pictures and flawed computer models then to mess up their beautiful minds and hands with physical evidence.

"“Video and photographic evidence combined with detailed computer simulations show that neither explosives nor fuel oil fires played a role in the collapse of WTC 7,” Sunder said.

This is pathetic

I mean come on the penthouse is the first to go Why? It just goes to show people will believe anything if some traditional news media and government official says so. This is depressing, but at least some video of WTC7 is finally making MSM, first time to my knowledge since 911. How can these folks spill this crap out of their mouths and keep a straight face. I'm sorry it just makes me sick. The media and government says that's it and unfortunately too many people will believe them. I guess we have our work cut out for us now, I am more determined than ever to talk about 911 with everyone and anyone who crosses my path. I am sorry I know all governments lie but this is too much and we need to draw out a line in the toxic dust and say that's enough. Believe your eyes not the LIES!

Conspiracies happen all of the time.

Tom DeLay was convicted of a conspiracy. Duke Cunningham was convicted of a conspiracy. Bob Ney was convicted of a conspiracy. Jack Abramoff was convicted of a conspiracy. If you have an idea of how a conspiracy took place, you have what's called a "Conspiracy Theory." If not for "conspiracy theories" police would never be able to name a suspect or apprehend a criminal. I am so F-ING tired of the media using that phrase to marginalize us. To make us sound "crazy."

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Becoming our own media is good for the long run..

The Mockingbird Media is predictable, so, nobody should be surprised here. The silver lining is that more and more corprate-mockingbird media is being "distrusted" by US and world citizenry. In addition to the weaknesses in the latest NIST report, which will be adequately handled by our experts, we have a great opportunity to magnify the HI PERP's weakness...that ordinary people do not trust the corporate media except to serve both themselves, and the "wealthy-power-control" class in which they play a role.

Might I suggest that we consider continuing to expand our efforts at becoming our own media...and I'm NOT considering "alternative media" as our own media. Most of the alternatives are affected by the same types of people who just get paid less...inexpensive gatekeepers I'd say.

This can be comfortably stated because there is so much positive feedback that I receive from average citizens during the 1-3 times per week that I am out in the public...of course, I'm very solid with commingling peace signs with 9/11 Truth and the like, so that helps out I'm convinced.

It surely seems that "commoner levels of good people" know the governement is lying to cover up its own involvement with all things nefarious. Over 80% of the country believes that the Feds had something to do do with offing JFK and these are big numbers as they clearly indicate some well deserved "skepticiism" exists towards our government.

Being out on street corners, at fairs and concerts, on busy traffic intersections and on overpasses with great signage, and outside sporting events and the like, along with keeping connected to national politics, enables one to keep an eye on many other elements of our "unjust society", and also, to realize that people have deep concerns about this entire set of troubling modern circumstances.

Getting outdoors and being our own media will also assist in developing the next phase of our responeses to whatever needs a response. Dress helps.

Perhaps it will take years, certainly well after The Bush Crime Family is out of office, but eventually, we will flip over the phrase: "Remember 9/11..." from meaning that we are "fearful of everything, that we hate Muslims and that we need to 'military -up' to solve this problem", into: "Oh yeah, that's when the US Government created another false-flag attack scenario to get citizens to support an otherwise unpopular war in order to feed the military industrial complex and arrest the development of a better society."

I suggest that this will happen if we stop yelling at the people we need to inform and stop being so concerned about fixing an unfixable Mockingbird Media. Not that we should'nt keep up some pressure on them..obviously.

The 9/11 Truth Movement , NOT We Are Change, nor Tarpley's confrontational 9/11 GOON Squads, has refined the 9/11 Truth Movement into the force that it has become. The 9/11 Truth Movement has created an amazing viral "informational-educational-media" process that, above all else, will end up doing more positive for more citizens in this country than any new investigation of 9/11 might ever create. When done right...its people to people...and that works pretty damn well.

Go to the people...the Mockingbird Media would not be doing so much work in opposing us unless we were having strong affect upon their diminishing viewership. Most people know that the media is compromised, so, lets keep informing the public and proving it.

And maybe, one of these days a "democracy" might begin to break out in our country...I sure feel it coming up from the streets...and THEN what will people think of the 9/11 Truth Movement? I suspect that it will be that: "Hey, we CAN handle the how about you Federale Thugs start telling it"!

Be respectful and you will get respact back...and you will surely get positive attention...

Be confrontational and yelling, and you will get confrontations and yelling back...or, worse yet, you will be ignored, shunned and avoided...and on TV doing some badstuff.

Cointelpro KNOW this to be an effective way for a movement to destroy itself from within...that's why they send masked cointelpro types who keep on aggitating for dust-ups in public and to defy authority at every turn. A two trillion dollar slush fund can buy alotta, don't aggitate...converse instead.

For ideas about how to conduct CI..Civil Informationing in your own towns, visit:

The Mockingbird Media will only do things help out their bird cage keepers, and the alternative media will most likely keep on working "on the cheap" in hopes of not making any real waves so that someday, maybe they will make it to the BIG BIRD, what's new here?

The 9/11 Truth Movement is new...THAT's what's new!

So, shouldn't we go with what got us here...informationing.

Love, Peace and Progress with:


...just for starters...

Robin Hordon

You mean, like starting your own blog?

"Might I suggest that we consider continuing to expand our efforts at becoming our own media...and I'm NOT considering "alternative media" as our own media. Most of the alternatives are affected by the same types of people who just get paid less...inexpensive gatekeepers I'd say."

You mean, like starting your own blog?

"Your first question about the internet and its role, there's only one thing that will move the mainstream media, and that's business, whether it starts to hurt their business, and it is, it has, they're terrified of the bloggers, and they're terrified of the internet, because they realize that it is taking business away from them, people are reading them... there are a lot of important bloggers who are doing better work than mainstream journalists, they're doing it without pay! They're doing it because they want to show anywhere where the press is not doing its job... And they aren’t professionals in the same sense of the training, but they are filling in where the mainstream press is failing - we've seen government run amok because of that, as you know - eight years of the Bush administration."
Sibel Edmonds Case: FBI Files "Formal Complaint" With Sunday Times

I found your blog the other day:
A 9/11/2008 Resolution: Start Your Own 9/11 Blog

Right on brother...

YES, I mean starting your own ANYTHING...and blogs are the second best because you can tell grandma about them...tell her she can read what you write [how well you are still doing your homework..some candy might be in the future...], and she can even write you from thousands of miles away...she will be stunned and LOVE getting into the internet tubes and pipes, or is it trucks?

Well, at least it AIN'T small fires with smoke blankets that are coded... "three puffs attack"...or..."two puffs get the hell outta there.."

This is somewhat like what the peace movements still use for their instant messaging...

Secret info here...the reason that peace marches are so few and far between is because the prevailing winds wipe out many, many puffs of smoke. Occasionally there are only one one puff, and occasionally there are four or more, and they have no contingencies for this phenomenon and consequently they do the usual...nothing productive!

LITTLE...will do any better than to break down modern functional activism into your own neighborhoods and affect citizenry than to steer them into having their own voice their own area. Might as well be The 9/11 Truth Movement...why the hell not?

Look at it as a web based 911 Truth dating service...let folks around you know about folks around you...and thusly, themselves.

Soon after, one never knows, but they may even sign up to the big city bloggy thingy...911blogger

Robin Hordon

PS: As of this moment I take absolutely NO RESPONSIBILITY for any preganancies resulting from personal involvement with local 911 blogger dating relationships...lets make that perfectly clear right now! We are into the truth so DEAL WITH IT! rdh