Arizona Republic 9/11 Truth Opinion Letter

I could not believe it! The AZ Republic FINALLY printed a 9/11 letter that I sent in! Here it is:

Sleep tight America!

The two biggest mysteries since the bush regime has been in power have been
solved! The 47 story WTC7 tower collapse on 9/11 and the perpetrator of the Oct
2001 anthrax attacks has been found. And it only took them seven years to do it.

About two weeks ago the FBI announced they knew who did the anthrax attacks. A
"mad scientist" in the bio-weapons labs. But, unfortunately, he "killed himself"
before any evidence or a trial could determine his guilt.
Case closed.

Next, on Aug 21, 2008, the final report and conclusion about the WTC7 collapse
by NIST found that a "new phenomenon" caused this massive building to collapse
perfectly in just under 7 seconds. They said that never before in history has
this "phenomenon" occurred and never before had a steel framed building
collapsed due to fire. Did I mention that WTC7 was hit by NOTHING?
But, once again, case closed.

So there you have it, America. Both mysteries conveniently solved. No need to
question either of these anymore. Just go about your business.

The "truth" is always much stranger than fiction.

very nice!

i really hope we get these assholes.