The Gift of 9/11

by Scott Creighton

The events of 9/11 unfolded before us in a grand spectacle of shock, emotion, and repetitive images; collapsing burning, jumping, screaming, falling, crying, dying. And we watched, helpless as a baby lost in a world of wolves, as black clouds, 10 stories tall, glided down the streets consuming everything we had once known and cherished about ourselves. We watched people trying desperately to escape the gathering gloom. They ran, and then we ran. We ran right into the waiting arms of Big Brother. Right where we were supposed to run. Where we would be

But we aren't safe, are we? Far, far from it.

We came to realise on that day just how far some would go to advance their ideologies. We came to see the world in a new, dangerous light; where being an "American" meant no more to these terrorists than being anything else. We knew in a flash that we were within their grasp and that our lives meant nothing in contrast to their greater scheme of things.

And thus, we became ants on 9/11. Nothing more. The delusion of democracy would soon come to an end and this "great experiment" in self-rule would wither and die. Just like the terrorists wanted.

"They hate us for our freedom."

The religion of 9/11 is unimpeachable, unapproachable, and will never falter in the hearts and minds of true believers. It is accepted on faith and cannot be shaken, ever. No matter what evidence is discovered.

As their lies are revealed daily and coincidences turn into motives, as we examine the underlying core of greed and corruption within this administration and we link fact after fact after fact to the holes in their official story, still even those who scream about "Change" and "Hope" and the evils of one candidate over the other, still even they chat on about "the just war"; the war for 9/11 revenge.

You can question the players, but never the game. The game must remain pure.

Our players are right while yours are wrong. Ours are just, yours are evil. Ours will "save the country" yours will destroy it. You must chose the lesser of two evils! What is wrong with you!?

But what if the players are all on the same team? Hand selected, pre-approved, and vetted by other interests. What if they are just dancing clowns pouring from a little toy car while we scream our fanatical approval? Well, of course they are. Why don't you grow up? We are just playing the parts they allow us to play, and they are playing the roles that they are allowed to play.

Given that everything changed on 9/11.

You see, this is the real world we live in now. They took from us the illusion of freedom and gave us back a clearer picture of our place in the world. They gave us a more realistic vision of America. It was their gift to us. And all they ask in return is that we accept the given; that we accept, on faith, their truth of that day.

And all the days to follow.

No matter what information comes out, no matter how corrupt we learn them to have been, no matter how many scientists and engineers and scholars come forward, forget the lies, forget the promises, forget the profits and the wars and the things they wrote before 9/11, forget how their story changed, forget who was in charge, forget everything we know about life before ...

But we must do even more than just accept their story, but we must learn to love it we love our own Faith.

This is the "Gift of Faith". Once we have accepted this anything is possible; the dead rise, buildings fall, the unemployed, sick, disenfranchised, they all just disappear. Along with the doubts. All those doubts.

The Gift of Faith will lead us from the wilderness and into a safe, secure place where our players fight for justice and right. Where our players work to make men free. Where our players stand for real democracy and every vote counts and the terrorists are 'over there" somewhere, in a cave, in the dark ...waiting.

Acceptance is insufficient. The story must be internalised; fused with our identities. It must become part of all of us, on the left and the right, and never questioned, never examined. But remember the pain. Always remember the pain.

Do you have your mind right? You had better get your mind right, boy. Cus like any other gift, this is a privilege, not a right. There are no more rights. Everything changed after 9/11.

Or haven't you heard?



Surely you know of the "get smart" parody of Jack Loiseaux ?


I haven't heard of that one.

It's on an old tv show I

It's on an old tv show I used to watch as a kid called "get smart" , from what I remember, the episode it's about a guy who's government building projects projects keep mysteriously blowing up. Turns out he's building demolition charges into the concrete. It was in researching CDI after one of your posts that I came across a picture of Jack and it triggered my memory of that show because of the uncanny similarity with the demolitionist/villian of that show. I'll search it out for you...

Finally found it .It's

Finally found it .It's called "smart fit the battle of Jericho"