WeAreChangeBoston End the 9/11 Media Blackout Banner on News

WeAreChangeBoston.org End the 9/11 Media Blackout Banner on News (9-16-08)

Jason Bermas gave me the banner. Thank you! Check out his new movies Fabled Enemies and Loose Change Final Cut. LC911.com
I also have some great footage from this event:
An ACLU Constitution Day conversation with:
Eric Alterman, The Nation
Ellen Hume, MIT Center for Future Civic Media
Callie Crossley, Program Manager for the Nieman Foundation for Journalism, Harvard University
Emcee: Barry Nolan, veteran TV journalistge tonight (9-16-08) from a ACLU event at the Boston Public Library
I have comments from everyone of the speakers regarding 9/11. My friend Mauricio helped get some answers and attention. I have a problem correctly editing video footage and i would love some local help. send me a message @ myspace.com/mark_er if you may be able to help. I have community tv access but i have not taken the required classes yet. possibly someone will waive the rules a bit. bnntv.org ??

great job

as always, you guys rule! i can just imagine tv production managers freaking out behind the scenes. :)

"wtf i hate all cops"


Such a great message, too!


Love it.

With you in the struggle,
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