What the NWO is up Against and How 911 Truth is the Most Important Fight

I don't know if everybody reading this believes in evolution, but let's say for a minute that it is true. Or at the very least God has put us here to evolve. The human species has dominated and survived as it has evolved over millions of years. During this great span of time many species have ceased to exist including the one's we have destroyed. Through all of this evolutionary activity, humanity has survived everything the Earth has thrown at it. We even have survived the cruel ideas acted upon us from our own imaginations. We kill, but we grow back. We kill again, but we grow back. The Earth has tried with every trick it has including the human mind to stifle us and possibly destroy us, but this is the very essence of evolution. We still exist. Why would anybody alive today think that they could devise a better plan of extinction for humanity than what has been wrought upon us thus far. It is futile.

When the very intelligence that has been the core of our survival tries to devise a way to eliminate us, is this blueprint for destruction capable of outwitting the multitude of ways the Earth has tried to destroy us or more politely, evolve us. The trait that makes us dominate is being used throughout our world to takeover where the Earth has run out of tricks. Isn't death at the core of our survival. Without forces acting against us, we wither and die, or become fat and lazy. What is the difference. Do some people kill while others love in order to create new forces of evolution. Is this our nature? Do we need this dichotomy of behaviors to continue? Can we evolve without the crushing forces being offered from ourselves?

Let's agree that devastating forces exist in our world, and they do originate from our own species. Do we do better to reverse or defeat these forces in order to evolve to a place where the origin of our evolutionary forces no longer come from our own species? Maybe the challenges of deep space travel or perfecting the balance of our ecosystem here on Earth become the forces and challenges that drive our evolution. Through all of this discussion, can you see that by running away or being aloud to be killed by whatever force pushes down on us does a disservice to the very core of our existence. Why exist if we don't push back? If we die, our children carry on the push back, and their children until that evolutionary pressure at the very minimum cease to originate from our own species.

Fight for your freedom, survive and don't be afraid.