Are we being played?

Some folks in the 9/11 Truth Movement are being deceived and playing into the hands of the men behind the curtain. I have heard several people in the 9/11 Truth Movement say that they are leaving the 9/11 Truth movement in order to promote aspects surrounding our financial system. Others have also stated that they are now going to only focus on getting off the grid, only on self survival aspects.

The recent economic events, bailouts, and crashes on Wall Street have been the focus of tremendous media attention on the financial system. Do you think that all this hype is a result of “freedom of the press”? The recent sensationalism by the press is part of the planned agenda. Everybody and their dog is talking about what a mess and outrage this economic scene is. That is part of the plan. Similar to the subject of global warming, there is such a prolific amount of “true ideas” on the subject of money that the common person is overwhelmed with information, confusions, and apprehensions.

Years ago, we in the 9/11 Truth Movement knew that we could expect a dollar collapse. We knew that was on the agenda. We know that a “Cover Story” is always created for a false flag terror event. We know that our corrupt political system is in shambles and relatively ineffective towards matters of substance. If the men behind the curtain have an agenda item, the political system falls prey to it.

An individual could learn about The Federal Reserve, yet fail to recognize how deep the rabbit hole goes. While I am all for exposing the Money Masters, I feel that the true depth and impact of the situation becomes evident ONLY when a person discovers 9/11 Truth. The deceptions and betrayals surrounding the subject of 9/11 go to the very core of one’s perceptions. There is no better doorway towards unraveling further truths.

Those who are manipulating the global and national scene have a common objective. Their objective is less awareness of the masses. That is how they win. That is the ONLY way they can win.

To the degree that we do not enhance the awareness of others, we become part of the crime. Not getting the word out to others makes us guilty of keeping the masses in the dark.

Even many people who understand the fallacy of The Federal Reserve system have no clue as to how deep the manipulation and deception can go. Their awareness has fallen short.

Don't mistake me. I see these times as a superb opportunity to expose the lies surrounding 9/11.

I beat the drum for 9/11 Truth as the gateway towards further revelations. I am adamant in my stance that 9/11 Truth holds the key towards greater awareness across the boards. In fact, many in the 9/11 Truth Movement have likened it to a spiritual awakening.

Thank you for the comments...

To add, the people you know who've said they will now be focusing on 'econ' and 'subsistence' issues, yet DO know about 911... might very well be taking this to a properly new level. Exposure of 911 and disseminating the depths of deviousness by way of false flags, IS extremely important, necessary in fact, if we want to pass such powerful knowledge down the generations. Yet so long as our fellows, both 'in' and 'out' of the loop on 911 have the chance to develop over time understandings of deep-state and deep-corporation shenanigans... tackling economic and substance issues (two items of great immediacy) are rather indispensable.

And we thought many hands on 9/11 truth was hard work... we're just getting started.

Your question on whether or not we're 'being played', is more valid when posed to those with their econ hair on fire, yet still deny 911 foul play. For those that know 911 stinks to high heaven... let them now scream loud about econ and substance 'policy'. At least, they've already passed through the 911 eye. For those that ARE only braying about econ and/or which McBomba is less evil... pull out your 911 Truth Card and challenge them to step up a few notches.

I agree Tom

911 Truth unveils the lengths that those in power will go to retain that power. This financial "meltdown" has been coming for a long time and is a surprise to no one in the financial community. BushCo has allowed the situation to develop and now presents a "globalization" solution. This sure fits into the theory of many in the Truth movement who feel that is their goal. The financial situation is hitting home with many across the planet. This may make them more receptive to our views about 911, since they see the blatant unfairness of taxpayers bailing out the ultra wealthy for their "mistakes", which contradicts their mantra of "hands off" "free market" economics. The fact that they are socializing the losses and privatizing the profits, is a slap in the face to millions of Americans. Maybe this slap will open their eyes to 911 Truth. I think it will.

Well Said TomT

"I am adamant in my stance that 9/11 Truth holds the key towards greater awareness across the boards. In fact, many in the 9/11 Truth Movement have likened it to a spiritual awakening."