How did you feel when you became 100% Certain that 9/11 was an inside job?

Hello community,

Often times, opponents of the 9/11 truth movement will try their methods of armchair psychology at analyzing 9/11 truthers, claiming that we WANT to believe that 9/11 was an inside job. They claim that we believe the "real" truth (official story) is just too boring. John McCain made this charge in his foreword to the Popular Mechanics propaganda book.

Over at JREF, an entire thread is dedicated to asking about the experiences of "former truthers," people who were briefly on our side but were then swayed back to official story belief after having read Popular Mechanics, 911myths(dot)com, etc. A forum regular there, Parky76, says the following:

i remember how scared my mom was when i spouted all the conspiracy theories at her. she was not happy at all that i was saying all these things.

i text messaged my ENTIRE family: "i have seen a new video, which shows compelling evidence, that our own government was responsible for 9-11!!"

i got zero responses...=)

but the point is, i felt like i had discovered something HUGE!! something that made me part of history. i felt like...a revolutionary. like someone who could help change the world.

and then..i woke up to the boring truth.

The above quote is laughable. I think it's safe to say that most of us, when we went from "on the fence" to "committed truther," were sick to our stomach over the horrible truth. I know I was.

So, I ask committed 9/11 researchers: When you became 100% positive we'd been lied to and that the official story doesn't hold water, what was your feeling?

Did anybody actually think: "Awesome! This is so huge, and I know the truth! I love knowing stuff that the average person doesn't! It makes me feel really warm and cozy to be part of the intellectually elite minority, while my fellow citizens are 'sheeple' to mindlessly go about their lives! It's gonna be SO awesome, being a part of this revolutionary movement which will make history! Maybe streets will be named after me someday!"

Feel free to share your experiences.

Heny Kissinger Convinced Me

I doubted the official story from the moment something hit the Pentagon, but mostly kept quiet. When 99.9% of America seemed to believe it, I tried, I really did. But I was also watching everywhere for other explanations (mostly "From the Wilderness"). I watched the push for an investigation. When I discovered that Henry Kissinger would head the investigation I knew with 100% certainty that all was deception.

I felt that I should DO SOMETHING to let others know. The fact that they would kill, lie, steal, blame others to advance a hidden agenda activated me.

If not me, Who? If not Now, When?

Good point on Kissinger.

Reflecting on my journey, my suspicions got pretty tweaked when I saw this one (featured, among other places, on the extra features menu on the DVD of Moore's Fahrenheit 911).:

I'm glad you're asking this question

I wrote a 1,700 word essay on my journey to the truth, it is here:

And begins:

Once upon a time a child was born in a place called the land of the free and the home of the brave. She was told that she was very, very lucky to be born in this land, the best country on earth. In school every morning, her entire class stood, placed their hands over their hearts, and solemnly recited a Pledge of Allegiance to her nation’s flag. After that the class sang a stirring song about the greatness of this land and its purple mountain’s majesty. The same songs were heard on Independence Day, and, as the music swelled to a crescendo, tears filled the child’s eyes with gratitude for being a citizen of such a wonderful land.

In other countries, rulers did terrible things to their people, but few of their people would hear about it, as the newspapers printed only lies in support of the evil rulers. That would never happen in her country, Amerika, where the right of free speech had been enshrined for centuries as the first and the most important amendment in the founding documents of the republic. She learned that although her country had fought in many wars, it was always as either a victim of an unprovoked attack, or as a brave ally to those who were innocent victims.

The years passed and she lived her life with little regard to the work of her government. She voted every four years, wearing proudly her “I voted” sticker for the rest of the day.

To be sure, there were disturbing occurrences every now and then. A president was gunned down in broad daylight on a city street, then later his brother, an influential senator, was killed. A charismatic leader of the descendants of the slaves was shot and killed at the height of his popularity. But each time, thanks to quick police work, the lone nuts who committed these deeds were located within hours and punished, making the streets safe once again.

She understood that there were poor people, those living under bridges and eating cat food. But she also knew, because it was endlessly repeated, that anyone could succeed in Amerika, and those at the pinnacle of wealth and power were simply more talented and harder working than everyone else.

Her confidence in the integrity of her government continued until an event, quite suddenly, changed it. Amerika attacked a country which had done nothing to threaten it. The video of bombs falling on an innocent city filled her with sorrow and shame. She stood in her office and cried.

Then she resolved to find out how such a thing could have been perpetrated by a land that was a beacon of freedom to all mankind...

For me, it was the attempt

For me, it was the attempt to blame Iraq when the majority of the hijackers were Saudis. I found that out from 'Fahrenheit 9/11' and I had a pseudo-awakening and realised something wasn't quite right.

Have I misunderstood the question?

I felt sick, shocked, scared, aghast, anxious, distressed, inconsolable, and much more. I soon became fustrated when no one else wanted to hear how I came to the conclusion that 9/11 was an inside job. It seemed so obvious and easy to see. All one needed to do is look at the evidence for themselves.

I was a hold out...

I was not one of those who knew from the get go that something was amok with 9/11 , I grieved as a Canadian along with our neighbours to the south" How could someone be that low to kill innocent people on 9/11" I was angry and rallied for justice...BUT NEVER FOR WAR...NEVER!!!! Several months later my American Girlfriend and I carved out a special message in the snow to our American Friends on the local Kinsmen Field House Football Field that read " (We) I- Love NY" The message was a large pathway from goal post to goal post we carved with our boots in 10inches of snow and could be seen from the high level bridge and passenger planes flying over above. We did what the world did, we rallied together with America...A few years later we soon learned that your President lied about WMD and Iraq's involvement with 9/11, He lied especially to his own countrymen. How many Americans died for those lies...It was mind boggling! It was 2 maybe 3 years later I began to have doubts, I maintained that I was 60/40 believing something was not right about 9/11. My American girlfriend would say I was 100% in belief 9/11 was an inside job (She still remains committed this day to the 9/11 Commission story sort of, kind of, but !) We Respect each others opinions and she's been a huge asset helping me learn how to be a 9/11 truth activist along the way, something I started almost 3 years ago now...It was early spring of 2007, Art Bell (Coast to Coast) just hung up the phone on another caller questioning 9/11...He pontificated how no one should question the government and made the all famous threat on air by saying " BESIDES IF 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB, YOU PEOPLE WOULD BE DEAD!, You Bastard I thought... I wont repeat that adjectives I said next in the car except" They Did it"!...I was motivated going from a 60/40 to a 100% knowing that the official account was the weakest of conspiracies and I knew I wanted to do my part at hanging these liars out to dry ...later that June My girlfriend and I drove to the Vancouver 9/11 Truth conference where I met or heard speakers, Robin Hordon, Dr Steven E. Jone, Barrie Zwicker, Peter Dale Scott, Webster Tarpley, Dr Joe Hawkins, and Kevin Barrett just to name a few and I noticed there were also hundreds of people just like me who wanted to hang these liars out to dry too, that was my few months of transition that lead me to ask myself, what can I do to expose the truth of 9/11 ...We depend on truth...namely our troops here in Canada who were told their mission to Afghanistan was for retribution of 9/11 (25 Canadians murdered on 9/11) , and especially to the innocent people who have paid the price for America's retribution, children especially in Afghanistan and Iraq who have paid with blood. We all must speak up for the children who are dying from the lies of 9/11. the most perplexing question to me today is how can the mothers of America sleep comfortably knowing America bombs are killing children... The Single most important reason to me 9/11 was an inside job " Conservation of Momentum (Energy)" For you doubters who read this line, go study it, and be prepared to get sick with frustration and anger/ and try to open your mind and heart...and picture those children missing legs and arms in Iraq and ask yourself " What can I do to correct this wrong"?

I work now with a small group (Emily, Rebecca, Diann, Mitch, Tony, George, Alan, Bruce, Tyler) dedicated to informing our community about the lies and crimes of 9/11 through civil information is our community website.

This gives me hope

it helps to hear that for a while you were 60/40. Maybe there is hope for some of the people I know who are still waffling and rationalizing.

When I saw the towers collapse

When on the day itself I saw the towers collapse I told my husband that they were controlled demolitions and in my naivety I assumed the buildings were designed to collapse in this way when there was a risk of them falling over causing more damage than if they collapsed into themselves.
When I saw the third building collapse I again assumed that was the case.

At the time I worked really hard and life sort of took me places away from 911, but when I moved from Holland to New Zeraland in 2005 the pace of my life changed and I had the time to spare to research that day again and after three to four months I remember telling my mother in law in the car on our way to do some shopping that I thought that 911 was an inside job and it was at that moment that I woke up to the horrific implications and the evil that was capable to perpetrate such an attack on their own and the worlds citizenry.

I did not feel exited or happy to be part of something big. I felt petrified and isolated and I knew that I could never walk away from this and that when I started to talk to people about this I would be called a nutter and a conspiracy theorist and I really did not need that in my life.

I was luckier than most. Neither my mother in law nor my father in law nor my husband refused to hear the truth. Most of my friends are of the reality based community and they did not reject me either. That is why I can move the earth when it comes to facing those in denial with ease and confidence. I know I'm not alone.

Who woke me up

I'd like to thank this guy for waking me up....

As a former Republican he showed me that they are as worthless as the other major party and frankly probably worse. And with these words of wisdom dripping from his mouth...""America was targeted for attack because we are the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity in the world."......made me look at him and his cronies a lot closer since I had the silly notion that perhaps foreign policy and the actions of Israel with our unqualified support, just might have a tad to do with the "war on terror", but he doesn't think so.