NIST Final WTC7 Collapse Report Conclusion is an Absolute Impossibility!

The conclusion of NIST's 10,000 page report that took seven years to produce claims fires, coupled with "thermal expansion" and "unusual truss design" caused core column 79 to fail, leading to a complete "progressive collapse".

The absolute impossibility mentioned in the headline above is evident in their computer simulation of the physical copllapse as initiated by core column 79. In reviewing the individual screenshots, and when seen in the non-NIST animation of their screenshots, it becomes apparent that the collapse they postulate is totally different from all videos of the actual collapse.

In their simulation, the East side of WTC7, where column 79 was located, fell completely down taking over 25% of the building to the ground, while the balance of the building was as yet unaffected.

In reality, every video of this collapse (seen from the West, North and East) showed the building maintaining total integrity of the complete roof line and all four sides as well. It collapsed in a synchronous manner, as if it had been constructed on a massive elevator and someone had pressed the "down" button.

The only way this massive steel framed high rise could have collapsed as it was seen to, was if every core column failed simultaneoulsy.

Compare NIST's final collapse sequence with the actual collapse sequence the world saw live, and on all videos.

NIST has taken their best shot at explaining how and why WTC7 collapsed, and they have failed miserably. They reviewed every possible scenario, except one - a serious and careful examination into a pre-planned controlled demolition. And that theory is the only one that fits all of the physical evidence completely.

It is long overdue for a new IMPARTIAL investigation into this heinous crime, and it's up to you, and me, to make it happen any way we can.

Not vertical all the way

The right-side video in the linked comparison, although obviously more realistic than NIST's model, exaggerates the verticality of the destruction of WTC 7, mainly towards the end of the "collapse", as shown by this new video (after the North Tower segment):

Not vertical all the way? How about 99.5%?

The video you linked to actually reinforces the complete dissimilarity of NIST's theory and the reality of the collapse.

Their theory has one column failing, at the far East side, all the way from the ground level to the roof, with the floors supported by this column cascading down from the roof downward. Then the collapse spreads from that column towards the West side of the building, in a progressive fashion, again with the columns failing, floors falling from the roof downwards.

This scenario would be consistent with a single major supporting column failure, as NIST claims.

However what we actually saw was the whole building collapsing downwards - in one piece - with the roofline square and the walls straight and untouched, as all of the columns at the base of the building failed simultaneously, and in a progressive downwards manner.

The massive force of this unprecedented collapse finally did see the structure start to give way at the top, however slightly, after over half of the building had fallen perfectly straight downward.

A cursory comparison of their theory and the reality of the videos of that collapse prove their theory to be impossible, and 100% incorrect.

This is what I say in my own comments to NIST

"NIST's computer-generated models of the collapse of WTC 7, as in Figure 12-69 of NCSTAR 1-9 and Figure E-4 of NCSTAR 1-9A, as well as the collapse models presented at do not correspond with the way in which the building can be seen descending on the several videos that captured the collapse. In the videos, the perimeter walls, connected to and supported by the large number of perimeter columns, retain their rectangular shape until late in the collapse; the perimeter columns clearly do not almost immediately buckle inwards over the building as they do in NIST's models. Therefore, NIST needs to develop a collapse model that describes the way in which WTC 7 actually collapsed on September 11th."

For my comments in their entirety, see

Towards the end of the collapse, however, the building clearly deviates from the vertical direction, as shown by the latest video.