Why Would The Elites Promote Obama? Why Him, Why Now?

The news media and the entire TV program selection have pumped the public up to "End Times" since Y2K... Right now, The History Channel is running a week long promotion called "Armageddon Week"

So...we have the public fully primed for the end of the world. You can't get away from it.

Let's look at some facts.

The elites support eugenics programs to eliminate so-called sub-cultures. These various programs are very racist at their core. The proven ties between the elites and these programs are not disputable.

The incoming President, Obama, will come into the office having complete and total control over everything. He will have a dem house and senate. The position of President has been given undisputed dictatorial power over all branches of Government and the American people.

Why would the elites give him so much perceived power when they support racist eugenics programs?

Maybe, there is a chance they plan on making him out to be their Judas...maybe, possibly even their so-called antichrist?

I would not be shocked to see Obama become the "Great Tyrant" of our generation. I would not put it past them to create a false-flag antichrist.

Nothing better to destroy the African American image in politics then to promote him to top spot, then make him out to be the bad guy.

I believe the elites are using religious texts to manipulate the public into acceptance by displaying the overall mentality that "This is the way it's supposed to be, it's written in the bible"

Why pump the entire public up to Armageddon for over a decade? Why Obama? Why now, at this point in history?

Will Obama become the "tyrant" of our generation? Only time will tell

Maybe He is the Smoothest Liar of the Lot?

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Seems Modeled After Heroic Socialist Icons

He has apparently been manufactured in order to manage the economic decline of the U.S., a heroic messiah with broad appeal and of a different mold.

World oil production is reportedly falling at a rate of 9% annually. The writing has been on the wall. As a result, the credit collapse is being manufactured IMO in order to create a controlled economic crash landing the generates a favorable outcome for the private interests who dominate the world.

It is apparent the Neo-Con middle-east policies were pre-meditated. Hindsight makes apparent that Bush was the perfect war president - a simple, plain talking, cowboy hat wearing icon.

Obama's rise is apparently a product of the same type premeditated policy considerations.