WeAreChangeLA challenges diehard Israel supporters about Hamas

WeAreChangeLA's Bruno (that's me) asks diehard Israel supporters questions that challenge them to look at their own hard line beliefs. At one point, an unnamed man begins terrorizing the crowd, asking them to clear the area because an unattended backpack has been found in the bushes.

Part 1

Please watch the Part 2 video to the end and see the payoff after a passionate discussion about Palestine, the Mossad, conspiracies, and finally the controlled demolition of the Twin Towers.

Part 2 (below the fold)

I am passionate at times, and not as much under control as I would like to be, but I believe my sincerity and true love for truth comes through. The experience was incredibly intense, and I urge all to reach out to everybody you come across, police officers, firefighters, architects, and diehard Israel supporters, because we are all at the bottom of the pyramid together.

-- Want to also say that Daniel Sunjata and Dennis Leary ROCK!! Everybody must tune in to the new season of RESCUE ME. peace



That was beautiful, Bruno. We can learn from your patience.

Thank you.

I actually liked most of those I met. They are good people, but they have been ruthlessly terrorized and mislead by those we are struggling to expose.

With you in the struggle,
WeAreChangeLA - http://www.wacla.org

Way to hang in there Bruno!

I also admire your patience and tenacity. I think this guy will come around. Good work in the trenches.

Those Rockets

Those rockets look like bottle rockets you can buy in Mexico.