Great Collection of Old Mainstream Media News Clips Dealing with Our Issues.

More information can be found at The Core of Corruption site:

The bro that is making this stuff is from the Loose Change forum boards I think. His name is Jonathan Elinoff. He directed this stuff. Seems awful legitimate to me. He give out credit to Jon Gold and History Commons. Take a look and see if you think its worth promoting and spreading. Peace.

looks very interesting

I only watched the first 12 minutes, but there is some priceless stuff in there, never before seen my me at least. Such as Walter Cronkite saying that they will have to convince sovereign nations to give up their sovereignity. I'll watch the rest in the morning.

The media issue is so key. I hear it over and over re. 9/11 -- "if there were anything to the CT claims, the press would've been all over it."

It is the media that creates the matrix.

One suggestion: the music is intrusive. When listening to a quote that spills the beans on the NWO, I want to hear every nuance in the person's voice. Not music.

Thanks for your hard work on this.

yeah get rid of the music

Excellent collection of clips.

Highly recommended viewing, thanks, Orangutan.

Things are going to hell in a handbasket!

Nice job, shows it's now all in our face and the cat is really out of the bag. We are being marched to the new world order and nobody's trying to hide it anymore. It doesn't look good folks. These guys want it bad! It seems they want to see it in their lifetime and have carried forward the plan from previous generations and are now biting at the bit because it looks within reach. Sorry about the bad spin but if I'm really objective they seem to be closing in on all sides. Time for some "kung fu" style truth actions, and this piece looks like a good start. Keep up the good fight.