An Open Letter to the 9/11 Truth Movement

This just got posted today and I found it by way of a Google News search on "9/11 truth."

I’m just your average Joe from Averageville, USA. I hold no secretive position, no scholarly acumen to speak of, no covert connections to anyone nor anything that would give me an inside track on the truth about 9/11. I was at work in California when it happened. I was stunned. We were all stunned. We had no tv, only a few radios to listen to, but the impact was the same as if we were standing under the twin towers the whole time.

The greatest impact for me that day, however, came from the naturalized people. You know, the ones who weren’t born here, raised here, or educated here. They are the people who struggled very hard to get to the US. I’ve listened to a great many horror stories from them. One young lady told me how the Khmer Rouge grabbed her child from her while she was at work in a Cambodian sweatshop, took the child outside, and killed him as she watched helpless.

Another person told me that he lived for years in one of the famous refugee camps in Thailand. You know, the ones that were filmed so often in the 70s and 80s because of their horrible conditions, their constant battle with rampant diseases due to the unsanitary conditions people lived in. After more than four years his aunt, who happened to be working at the US Embassy in Bangkok, found him and got him on a boat to the US.

Now don’t forget that those stories are the SUCCESSFUL ones. Those people tell of their trials and suffering to get to the US with a smile on their face. They won. They made it here. They are the lucky ones. And for every lucky one, there are hundreds or thousands of “almost, but not quite” ones. Those who died at sea coming here, those who didn’t have a relative working in the US Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand, and those who never made it to the boats in the first place.

THOSE LUCKY PEOPLE looked at me that day and asked, “Why? Why would they want to do this? Why is this happening?” With tears welling up in their eyes, they looked to me to “explain” what was really going on. After all, I was born in this country, grew up here, studied here, and raised my family here. Surely those who come from here are better informed and more enlightened about the truth behind this all. Somebody must have seen this coming.

I had no answer for them then. I could only shake my head, tell them that perhaps all the evil we’ve caused around the world is coming back to roost. I knew they would understand that part, because they all have horror stories of what the Americans did to their families and friends as well. It wasn’t so shocking to connect 9/11 to those anti-American groups. Nevertheless, everybody the world over had always believed that terrorist strikes of that type could NEVER happen in the US. There’s just no way that someone could actually come here, create such a plan, and carry it out, not with all the security in place.

But over the months that followed slowly, cautiously, dots were beginning to connect. The lack of airplane parts in front of the Pentagon. The near freefall speed of the twin towers. The WTC7 tower which fell strictly due to fires because no plane ever hit it. Anomalies started to crop up. Sites opened that questioned more and more the official version of events. More dots were being connected. More anomalies were being uncovered. Connections to past events began to surface. It almost became a race to see who could uncover the most. The events of 9/11 started to make crystal clear sense.

And then the accusations started to fly. One site points to another and states that they are working for the government because they refuse to accept this outcome or that connection. We have the famous list of the Fake 9/11 CIA sites. The no-planers vs the some planers vs the all-planers vs the homerun planers, all pointing accusatory fingers at all the others, claiming to be the only and true source of facts among a sea of charlatans and government disinfo sites.

Please allow this simple Joe from Averageville to make a small observation that might help ALL of us accept what really happened that day (sorry, Mike, it just came out that way, no offense).


I’m sorry if that seems to be a bit blunt, but I cannot find a better way of saying what I sincerely feel. There is not one person out there involved in this movement who knows down to the gnat’s a** everything that happened that day, how it happened that day, why it happened that day, and who did it all. Have we solved the JFK assassination yet?? Are we 100% certain about who killed his brother, Bobby, and why?? Do we know exactly what happened to Emilia Earhart that fateful day??

We’ve had four decades pass since the murders of President Kennedy and his brother Robert. I don’t see anyone saying, “Case closed. Well, we wrapped up that one. Next?” I sincerely doubt that by noon tomorrow we’ll have a group called Chump Change, or whatever, expose every single fact about 9/11. In fact, I doubt that this case will be resolved in ten years, or perhaps ever. The amount of data, and the sheer volume of events that day, are a daunting task to completely uncover even for the best Greg Palast out there. This is just reality.

And so what if there are CIA sites out there wishing to mislead and misdirect people. Does anyone really believe that the CIA was going to flip a coin to see if they get involved or not?? “Heads we create fake sites, tails we split a burger at In and Out.” They exist. They are there. Some of them are probably reading this right now and thinking, “He’s another loser, who cares?” It’s their job. It’s why we give them our hard earned tax money, at least the part that isn’t made by them selling drugs on the streets.

I’d like to return to the very first part of this letter. I’d like to point out once again those people who stared at me that day in complete bewilderment. With tears streaming down their faces, they looked everywhere for an answer to the madness that was unfolding 3,000 miles away. Time and again they came to me that day, and in the days that followed, confused and uncertain, worried and hesitant. This was the country they sacrificed EVERYTHING for. They left their families, they left their friends, they left the terror and suffering of their own country just to be able to stand on main street somewhere in the USA and say, “I’m American and this is my home.” There is not one man jack among us who has suffered like that (well, the military perhaps, and that’s a sad thing to say). None of us have had our own child ripped from our arms and shot to death in front of us. None of us have had to suffer in disease-ridden refugee camps for years hoping and praying everyday that their chance would come and they could get to their promised land.

We may never know all the details of what took place that day, but I can damn sure guarantee you that infighting and finger pointing does nothing to further the cause. I suggest that we all look at ALL possible explanations of each event and determine the pros and cons, the positive and the negative, and the likelihood of each hypothesis WITHOUT condemning all other theories as being “CIA-driven psyops.” Many of the theories will be just that. SO?? You don’t think they didn’t do the same for JFK, RFK, MLK, etc etc.?? It’s their job. We pay them to do that. Let them earn their keep and move on.

My sincere hope with this letter is to request that those who have put their names, reputations and future on the line by standing up for what they believe is right, will also remember those who have done a helluva lot more just to get here. And I hope they also remember the hundreds of thousands who didn’t make it. The ones who died in those refugee camps before getting the chance, the ones who were killed in their infancy while their mother looked on helpless, and the ones who died at sea just as they were about to arrive. The goal has never been to “out” the fake CIA sites. Whoop-de-friggin’-do. The goal was, is, and always will be the truth. We don’t owe it to just those who were born and raised here, but to those who suffered immense sacrifice over many years just to be able to say, “I’m American.”


this was my posted response on OEN

As a 9/11 truther, I am frustrated also, not neccessarily by the infighting, because people with sharp critical thinking skills can easily debunk bogus truth claims (i.e. do a youtube on "disinfo shill Dr. Judy Wood totally exposed") and of course, as with anything, the cream (of the honest research crop) will rise to the top. Richard Gage and his being a great example. There are plenty of sites out there which claim to be truth sites which (a) fling hurtful accusations at other truthers and their sites and (b) promote bogus theories like "no planes." I can also tell you with 100% certainty that there are no sincere researchers who believe no planes hit the towers.

No, I'm frustrated because I thought this would have been blown wide open by now. We have architects, engineers, pilots, ATC's, former military, former intelligence, former presidential daily briefers, former asst. sec'y of treasury, democrats, republicans, third parties, major British and Japanese senators, former German defense minister, former Italian President, former Governor of Minnesota, current state senator from Arizona, who all support 9/11 truth.

However, the last time I heard 9/11 truth mentioned in the mainstream media was in this context from corporate darling Katie Couric: "The Catholic bishop who denied that Jews were killed in gas chambers and who also believes 9/11 was a U.S. conspiracy..." And you should have seen the look in her eyes, as if to say, "Isn't it amazing, the things that some people believe?"

Well thank God I'm tuning into the corporate-controlled media to keep my version of reality sane and sober! :-<

It really makes me want to scream sometimes.

Keep up the Excellent work you do Kameelyun

An Army of "Davids) will defeat the Goliath.



there is no tent big enough for lies and BS

i left some comments over there; I'm Better World Order.

I question the premise that there's "infighting"; the 9/11 Truth Movement is a decentralized, spontaneous movement of people in response to realizing the official story is a pack of lies. There are people who are interested in full disclosure and there are people who are interested in theorizing about possible conspiracies, and there are those committed to the cover up. We don't need to work "together", imho, we need to each do our own best, and we can associate with whoever we like.

Some have accused others of saying people shouldn't talk about certain things; I say people should consider what's evidence, what it's evidence of, and what's not "evidence" at all- and make the distinction between evidence and speculation, if one is inclined to speculate. It's not my job to explain what happened on 9/11; it's my job to point out the flaws in the official story, and the evidence that contradicts it- which includes many official reports and statements.

Probably some of the people who are circulating BS "theories" and bogus evidence actually believe what they're saying- others may be doing so simply in order to offend and cause controversy, or make money- others may be doing it to intentionally sow discord and cause confusion; it's a known COINTELPRO tactic, after all.

As Arabesque has pointed out, it's important to be critical and open to criticism- misinformation is as damaging to credibility as disinformation, so figuring out who's an "agent" and who's just confused is not as important as discerning what's real evidence of falsehood and wrongdoing, and what's not.

Seems to me someone who wants the truth to come out will correct themselves if they discover they've been promoting false info- although, someone who's committed to the cover up may simply stop promoting certain misinfo, and adapt to a different disruptive tactic, after being repeatedly called on the other tactic.