'Freedom Tower' no more; PLUS 9/11 to be 'National Day of Service and Remembrance'

The local tabloids in New York were huffing and puffing on Friday over a decision by the Port Authority to call the eventual tower at the World Trade Center site simply '1 World Trade Center' rather than the 'Freedom Tower.' In relating reactions to the decision, the article in the NY Post made sure to quote Charles Burlingame's sister, Debra:



And in other news, a funding bill for the Americorps national service program passed by the Senate has designated September 11 as a "National Day of Service and Remembrance":


So let's all 'serve' on the anniversary with healthy servings of truth!

"One World" Trade Center


The North Tower was also One

The North Tower was also One World Trade Center. Don't read too much into it.

I get your drift met

Perhaps the "New World Order" tower would be more appropriate.

Where is the declassification legislation?

Memorials, museums and ribbon cutting ceremonies have their place but ring hollow when one considers the inability of the government to be honest with the public about 9/11.

People acting in good faith do not hide behind national security classification at every turn. Another disturbing issue is the CIA's continuing pattern of obstruction in regard to anything related to 9/11.

Freedom: Controlled Media/Interest Fees/Controlled Politics

Could be worse.

Could be better.

The "Freedom Tower"?

Right up there with the "War on Terror", "Lets Roll", "Credit Crisis" and "Man-Made Climate Change" (the kind that supposedly justifies vast government intervention.)

"They hate our Freedom" Tower

"The Freedom" tower as a name was just silly Gov Propoganda reinforcing the preposterous notion that we were attacked because we are so free and those darn terrorists hate freedom.

That stupid explanation is simply covering up the fact that people hate Americas Government and what it does. Not our supposed freedom.

Who could of guessed politicians would grandstand on this issue?

I'm sure the people who were outraged over the name change have little to say about the police state (freedom quashing) counterterrorism tactics.

and how about "TRUTH TOWER" ?

Herblay FRANCE

I think...

with this new phenomenon of thermal expansion, We should ban all skyscraper construction until we get it figured out.
The last thing we need are terrorist's running around with Bic lighters.