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Japanese "Lie Detector" debunks the official story of 9/11

Akira Doujimaru, one of the co-authors of Councillor. Yukihisa Fujita's new book on 9/11 has created a website both in Japanese and English, to debunk the official story!

Akira says he's not a truther but rather a LIE DETECTOR!, says his English is not flawless, but he's hoping to wake up more citizens around the world.

Please check it out and tell others!!

Couldn't get the image to work...

Not sure what's up. Try to throw it down in the comments area. (BTW - your Niels Harrit blog was basically a repeat of this one; http://911blogger.com/node/19805 - so it didn't get published)

Yeah, it's really weird

Thank you, Rep!
Yes, it's really weird but I've been having a problem with putting up Akira's images everywhere.
Maybe somebody doesn't want people to see his site? yet I think you can open it up(his site itself) all right, so I hope everybody will check it out.

I'll try one more time...

I can see it when I "preview" right now, but that's the same with the original post.
I saw it, so I thought it'd be all right, but it didn't come on.
Wonder what'll happen with this one.

And yes, I found that post after I posted, that Dr. Harrit video.
I checked the posts back till 15APR cause that was the date of the video I saw.
You guys were a lot quick to catch the news! ;O)
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