9/11 Metastasizing: the Left's Co-Dependency


by Heckler - Wed Jun 03, 2009

This may be the shortest lived Diary on Kos history, begun only one week ago, mainly in response to the banishment of Tocque DeVille. I endeavor not to stray beyond the barricades of the Rules, but if I too face exile, all I ask of Kos and Meteor Blades before the guillotine is pulled is as much thoughtful consideration of these issues as I have given them...

...But how do we explain the shocking backsliding of Obama and his majority party: indefinite detention, torture lite continuing in Gitmo and Bagram, virtual immunity for war criminals, acceptable collateral drone carnage of civilians in Pakistan and Afghanistan, escalation of the disingenuous War on Terror, not to mention the subsidization of our piratical financial class. We are still locked in the shock of 9/11, the sole justification for this endless train of abuses, usurpations, and crimes. To forswear waterboarding would be regression to a perilous “September 10th mentality,” Elizabeth Cheney assures us.

9/11 is the wellspring that keeps on gushing, fueling our fear, barbaric behavior, and coffers of the merchants of death. But if the officially sanctioned narrative of 9/11 is any way deficient—if it is a cover-up of some kind, as many credible Commission staffers, prominent academics, military and intelligence officers, architects and engineers have alleged—then we cannot continue tacitly endorsing it without very grave and perhaps fatal consequences to our republic. To censor all inquiry that reflects critically on that first, very panicked draft of history, and declare any revisionist narrative heresy, surrenders our minds to the perpetual War lobby still feeding on it.

The disillusioning betrayals by our Democratic majority should be sufficient evidence of that by now. The torture, renditions, bloodbaths and bankrupting imperialism could be extended for 10 more years, as a Pentagon general recently envisioned. The Constitution, and critical domestic initiatives, are indefinitely detained...


I recommend this article

This is an excellent article (IMHO).

If you have the browser "Opera" (free download) - it will read internet articles to you while you do something else. This is very handy for long articles. The computer voice reader of Opera is really surprisingly good.

Never thought of that, great work.

Your wrote;

If the 19 hijackers and/or unknown confederates somehow acquired or created this devastatingly explosive terrorist weapon (it can be embedded or molded into almost anything, like ceiling tiles, shoes or carry-on luggage), should this not be discussed and investigated? Can our airport scanners detect this stuff? Is there an al-Qaeda nano-technology lab somewhere on the planet? Are we to rely on torture alone to save us from a ticking nano-thermite bomb?

Great point!

Similar to the rational that; We should re-evaluate all steel framed structures because of the WTC Collapse and change structural guidelines.

Brilliant Piece Of Work

I was proud to recommend this writing by Heckler and astonished to experience the power of his writing and ideas.

The usual gang of censorship punks on Kos looked pathetic in attacking this diary. It must be starting to profoundly wear on them, having to bully and pound upon the

best and the brightest amongst them.

"... how do we explain the

"... how do we explain the shocking backsliding of Obama..."

Here is more deception from Obama.

Obama seeks fresh start with Muslim world

Thu, 04 Jun 2009 13:02:55 GMT
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US President Barack Obama


US President Barack Obama calls for a "new beginning" between the US and the Muslim world, saying that his roots come from a Muslim generation.

"I am a Christian, but my father came from a Kenyan family that includes generations of Muslims," Obama said Thursday in a speech in which he touched on the story of his life and religious beliefs.

Addressing a cheering crowd of Egyptians and Muslim dignitaries at Cairo University, the American president called for an end to ongoing tensions between the US and the Muslim world.

"I have come here to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world; one based upon mutual interest and mutual respect; and one based upon the truth that America and Islam are not exclusive, and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles."

Obama went on to say that some extremists have fueled tensions between the West and the Muslim world to further their agenda and have managed to build up hatred toward Muslims in the West.

"Violent extremists have exploited these tensions in a small but potent minority of Muslims. The attacks of September 11th, 2001 and the continued efforts of these extremists to engage in violence against civilians has led some in my country to view Islam as inevitably hostile not only to America and Western countries, but also to human rights. This has bred more fear and mistrust."

-EDIT Mr Obama and his followers pls see:

1) http://patriotsquestion911.com/
2) www.ae911truth.org
3) http://whodidit.org/

Why should we trust you?

FLASHBACK! : Obama Addresses 9/11 Government Complicity


- End Edit

Obama quoted passages from the Qur'an, Talmud and the Bible and called for peace while praising peacemakers.

"There is one rule that lies at the core of every religion -- that we do unto others as we would have them do unto us. This truth transcends nations and peoples," Obama continued. "The people of the world can live together in peace."


Mr President, there is ONE CARDINAL RULE at the HEART of EVERY Religion.

TELL the Truth. Do NOT Lie.

So when will you Stop Lying for the Global Military Industrial Complex?

-End Edit

While acknowledging that Islam is a religion of peace and compassion, Obama promised to do his utmost to fight against all efforts to create "negative stereotypes of Islam".

My experience, he said, "guides my conviction that partnership between America and Islam must be based on what Islam is, not what it isn't... And I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear."

Obama's Middle East tour is viewed as an effort by the 44th US president to reach out to the Muslim world.

On the first leg of his trip, the American president visited Saudi Arabia Wednesday.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Excellent article Heckler!

I am in total agreement with you. The Obama cheerleading makes me want to gag. The so called "left" leaning media are complicit in perpetuating the 9/11 myth. From time to time I call “progressive” talk shows and plead with the host to allow discourse about the evidence that refutes the official 9/11 story.. only to be shut down. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t listen to talk radio as much anymore. Many of my friends who voted for Obama share my sentiments. Even people who are not tuned into the 9/11 myth are feeling a sense of betrayal and doom.

In the last paragraph you say, " Osama bin Goldstein is still miraculously on the loose, no doubt hatching another Axis of Evil sneak attack in one of the aforementioned capitals. If we just torture sufficiently, perhaps we’ll finally discover his GPS coordinates."

If you are referring to the possibility that elements of the CIA and the Mossad were instrumental in the events of 9/11 and other false flag operations ...I get it. However I find that often times mention of Israel or Jewish sounding names when discussing the events of 9/11 to the uniformed is often sabotaged with .."Oh ..You think the Jews did it!" As I was reading your outstanding article I was thinking of sharing it with a number of friends and acquaintances until I read the last paragraph which I feel, unfortunately, limits my emailing to the well informed.

Oh, come on.

Your friends should have thicker skin than that.

Funny how when I look at the politics/current affairs shelf at Borders, my eye is bombarded with books about "radical islam," and "jihad against the west" and "islamic terrorism" and the "muslim threat against freedom and democracy."

And most people, when seeing the shelf, don't think: "What a racist bookstore! Look at all this propaganda!"

Nope, the preponderance of such books on the shelf likely confirms what they already know: that there IS an "Islamic threat" against the west. The proof is what we all saw on 9/11.

But oh, how one MUST be an anti-Semite to suggest a "Jewish Conspiracy!" or that key people who happen to be Jews have done some very evil things. Because, you see, Jews can never be bad guys! Jews can only ever be victims! They've been kicked and beaten for 4,000 years no matter where they go! And now those damn AAA-rabs don't want them to even have their own land, the very land promised to them in Genesis and Exodus. Oh, oh, oh, those poor, precious, Jews!

I suggest you send the article to everyone in your address book.

The Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9-11


The Israeli Spy Ring


The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

I have Jewish friends

who will agree with you.


At the same time, let us not forget Arab and I$lamic (as well as right-wing Chri$tian) involvement in various parts of the 911 Operation.

Pakistan ,Saudi Intelligence. Bush's right-wing cadre as well as the usual Zioni$ts thugs.


This is a Global Conspiracy. With people from all types of "religiou$" orientation and background.

All for the Almight Dollar.

Don't forget the governments of Great Britain.

China , Russia etc.

Some for complicity after the fact.
The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

I do happen to agree

with your sentiments here... However, I find people come to a similar conclusion in their own time once they delve into their research of 9/11. I will send the article to everyone in my address book with a reference to Goldstein and Orwell's 1984.

Oh... and not that it help's much...but I have been known to do a little 'rearranging' in book stores, airport book displays, etc.

hehe, yeah...

...I've been known to rearrange at Borders & Noble myself. Notably, surrounding the Popular Mechanics book with copies of Debunking 911 Debunking. ;-)

Ha ha

That's humorous man. I like that.

Osama bin Laden

Thanks to you democracydiva, and all who have posted positive comments.

"Osama bin Goldstein" is not meant as any kind of slur or implication against Jews, but a reference to the arch villain in Orwell's 1984, "Goldstein." Like bin Laden, he is always just out of reach. Reality has caught up with fiction.

DonnyBrook, aka Heckler

Goldstein - reference to 1984.

I was taken also by the Osama bin Goldstein part, until I realized (by reading the comments to hecklers article) that it is a reference to Orwell's 1984.


Thank you, Rob T

for setting me straight re Orwell, 1984. I thought I might be missing the point in Heckler's reference to "Goldstein"). Perhaps I should count myself among the "uninformed"..Though I do welcome corrections.

Excellent article, but..

I'm getting sick and tired of the bullshit meme that the world is under threat from a socialist cabal. Some definitions:


System of social organization in which private property and the distribution of income are subject to social control; also, the political movements aimed at putting that system into practice.


A theory or system of social reform which contemplates a complete reconstruction of society, with a more just and equitable distribution of property and labor. In popular usage, the term is often employed to indicate any lawless, revolutionary social scheme.


Although fascist parties and movements differed significantly from each other, they had many characteristics in common, including extreme militaristic nationalism, contempt for electoral democracy and political and cultural liberalism, a belief in natural social hierarchy and the rule of elites, and the desire to create a Volksgemeinschaft (German: “people’s community”), in which individual interests would be subordinated to the good of the nation.


A political theory advocating an authoritarian hierarchical government; -- opposed to democracy and liberalism.


Fascism is an especially virulent form of far-right populism. Fascism glorifies national, racial, or cultural unity and collective rebirth while seeking to purge imagined enemies, and attacks both revolutionary movements and liberal pluralism in favor of militarized, totalitarian mass politics.

Fascism is also a marriage between the state and large corporate interests.

If you want to fight an enemy, first appropriately identify him.

here, here

Great article Heckler, excellent.
I've never really spent any time over at Kos, and reading through the comments I realize why. I have a really hard time with how intelligent people get so fixed in their stances and beliefs. I guess it's even worse when "progressive" thinkers can only progress so far. Open your mind people, reality is stranger than fiction.

The article is riveting and

The article is riveting and deftly wrought. Whew....it is a real letdown after reading it, to then submerse into the abysm of the Kos comments. To be fair, some are better than others, but what a box mentality.

The thing is, there comes a time with something like 9/11 where you become 90%, 95%, 99% sure of foul play by US officials, and even back there at the 90%, you hear your conscience prodding you that you are 100% sure that the matter needs to be addressed and you have to make some kind of a contribution toward revealing what on earth happened on that day, and what can be done about it now.

How can someone reach the conclusion that they are 100% sure they should IGNORE the problem, and require imprimatur to even broach the subject or just completely censor it? This utterly mystifies me. Their comments are so uninformed. This is not hieratic knowledge. It is available. Why the willful, active ignorance? They're so damned stubborn about it. It is perhaps the willingness to accept a version supplied by another human being, and the lack of common curiosity to research and investigate further.

Comparisons with Copernicus, Galileo, Darwin, can and have been made over the past few years...and they are apt. We are really seeing and living in the midst of one of these world paradigm evolutions, like geo- to heliocentrism. It is a frustrating time to be alive, but the progression we are witnessing, little by little, is also life-affirming.

Yes, in theory

(and, as well, in praxis) there are answers to the above questions....but to give up one's own eyes and brain?...that's puzzling.

And I don't know where you learned to write, Heckler, but you write up a storm.

Binary thinking

One problem is the habitual tendency of most people to engage in binary thinking -- presented with two opposing theses, a choice must be made between one or the other, and people will gravitate to that perspective which comports with their prejudices, or dominant worldview.

So often, however, the correct answer is "both are true." The particle/wave duality in physics, for example. Modern science is progressing from the limitations of linear thinking toward a greater understanding of complex, dynamic systems. This is confusing and stressful though -- we prefer simple pat, sound-bite solutions.

Thus we have some evidence, rather shaky, that al-Qaeda operatives were involved in 9/11 -- KSM's confession, etc. (although after being waterboarded 183 times, who wouldn't confess?)

My view is that the idea of 9/11 may have originally been hatched from Ramzi Yousef's Project Bojinka, but at some point it was hijacked and shepherded by Western agent provocateurs who had thoroughly penetrated and controlled al-Qaeda (which, don't forget, was midwifted by the CIA and Pakistani ISI during the Russian/Afghan war). In a sense, the 19 hijackers were Manchurian candidates.

Thus we can answer the question, "Was 9/11 an inside job, or an al-Qaeda operation?" -- Yes. It was both.

I took the BLUE pill!

That sort of explains the thinking I believe - and sometimes I think about it myself, why can't I just be "normal" and accept the stories we're told.
These folks, as mentioned below, cannot escape the binary thinking, black or white. They choose to keep eating the blue pills, because there is vulnerability in crossing over to a path that nearly everyone who follows this site is on. It's not fun. It's not easy. So you can sort of understand why people choose to remain in that place of (albeit fake) safety.

Bin laden is dead

'Osama bin Goldstein is still miraculously on the loose, no doubt hatching another Axis of Evil sneak attack in one of the aforementioned capitals. If we just torture sufficiently, perhaps we’ll finally discover his GPS coordinates."

WHY do people, esp those who should know better, persist in the notion that OBL is still alive and plotting?
david ray griffin has a new book out:

Its been reviewed in 911blogger!

Wake up people! OBL is DEAD: even if he enjors a very busy afterlife! The busiest dead man alive!

bin Laden

Well, I was being facetious about bin Laden/Goldstein. In 1984, it's questionable whether Emmanuel Goldstein even exists at all. Whether bin Laden continues to exist today or not, his legend lives on as the boogeyman requiring our presence in the Middle East