Between the Lies (2009) - full length film

Composed almost entirely of news broadcasts from 9/11, 9/12 and 9/13, this film shows the media lies that stuck with the public and more importantly, the truths that were quickly forgotten. Downloadable versions available below the fold.

(You need Internet Explorer to watch the streaming version. So if you don't see the player in Firefox, please use another browser or visit the page to watch it there.)

HQ AVI (874MB):

DVD image (4.1 GB):

The DVD contains a chapter menu and three extras (NYC-CAN promo, 10 minute presentation about WTC7 and the trailer from 9/11: Press for Truth. The AVI file contains only the film.

Many thanks to Nate and Justin for getting this done.

great work ...

what's the soundtrack used in the beginning?

Thanks for excellent compilation.

It's Facades from Philip

It's Facades from Philip Glass.

EDIT: the movie in the main blog is fixed now. Thanks!

Step by step? How do I download and then burn to DVD?

Step by step? How do I download and then burn to DVD?

Easy: 1) Download this file


1) Download this file (large file, will take some time)

2) Use your DVD burning software (Nero or similar) to burn the image to a disk. A free program that can do this is imgburn, which can be downloaded here:

3) Done. Put it in your DVD player and watch.

That worked perfectly!

Thanks Arie. I'm making copies now.

Arie! Thanks! This is a magnificent collection of clips!

There is stuff that I have never seen before on this collection. This video also puts together some previous clips which I have seen before, but places them into a better context. Thank you so much!

And Joe! Thanks for cranking up the burner! ;)
(Our group has given out more than 35,000 DVDs)

Great collection of clips. I'm burning copies now

Excellent reports on Shanksville and 93. Arie, Between the Lies is a helluva collection of clips

Here is a mindblower I only saw recently:

WATCH at 3:16

"the street.... below caved in, and at that point there was like fireballs coming up."

WATCH at 3:16 " "the street.... below caved in, and at that point there was like fireballs coming up."

I've just uploaded some

I've just uploaded some chapters to my YouTube account ( )

Chapter 2 total destruction

Chapter 3 melting steel pancakes

Chapter 6 implosion

Chapter 7 united 23

Chapter 9 Wollt ihr den totalen Krieg?



By the way

No dancing Israelis, and their fellow art students? Perhaps that was anounced weeks later.
But then what about that chap who planted the story live on TV on Sept 11 that it was the fires that brought down the buildings?
Perhaps I missed that for some reason.

Again, congratualations for the excellent work.

Dancing Israelis

In early reports, perhaps even the day after, the NY Times makes reference to the arrest of people that are, I believe, now referred to as the "Dancing Israelis."

Harley Guy

I don't recall seeing Harley Guy. That would be an important clip for future inclusion if this important film were to be revised.

Watched last night - a preponderance of evidence

A preponderance of evidence of controlled demolition and cover-up by the mainstream media as presented in unadulterated format. A major collection for 9/11 Research.

Complicity demonstrated by truth denied and a headlong rush to war.

Thank you. Excellent choice for extras too.

The closing comments

by Ralph Schoenman are great! (And he was speaking just a few months after 9/11.)

Thank you very much for a nice video, arie.