Charlie Sheen American hero !

Adversity is the test of strong men. Charlie you do America very proud! Thank you for having the courage to take a stand.
Our controlled main stream media is running scared. To all of us who know the truth let's spread the challenge Charlie has issued far and wide.
Why won't they answer his question?..........Because they can't. The truth hides form nothing.
It's time to wake up America. Here the link to the video of Charlie , and Alex Jones. I am not sure how to paste the video's directly on this post , so if you guys at 911 Blogger would be so kind.
Send this to all your friends and family.


To embed videos into a blog entry. You simply have to copy and paste the 'embed code' from the video into the blog submission. At the bottom center of those videos is a tab called code. To the right of the 'link' and 'email' links. You have to copy and paste it in.

Let me know if you have any questions about it. Thanks.

Thanks Orangutan !

Let's hope this will be the start of the awakening.