9/11 Out of the Dark in New Zealand - OUTSTANDING!

TVNZ and it's "In Focus" program have taken 9/11 Truth to a whole new level in the West!


Thanks to a couple of hard working ladies and many supporters in NZ this has happened. We the people can and will win the truth!

This will change things now, how we will find out....

Regards John Bursill

YouTube up now!


Admin can you add this YouTube to the article?

Kind regards John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

9/11 Out of the Dark in New Zealand

Outstanding Indeed! Thanks John for your work with this tour. It may be AE911Truths most successful so far.


......what i call real journalism! Thanks Richard and TVNZ !

Well done TVNZ ...

NZ is a great little place - they banned US warships many years ago, that takes balls!

It's just a pity Oz can't muster the same sort of gumption and good sense.

ABC is so flaccid, soft, boring... they won't touch anything outside the strictest confines of conventional wisdom (ie. dumbness)

They are hopless and I remind them so...

sent Lateline the link to TVNZ report and told them to lift their game ... but it won't make any difference to those clowns, they can't think.

Excellent work!

Excellent work!

Internationally respected architect

That's a paradigm shift from "Truther" or "Conspiracy theorist"

We've come a long way baby.

Audience estimated at 600,000

Go Richard!!!

1,000 ae marker

Richard Gage, AIA, has mentioned about holding a press conference in Washington, D.C. via the national press club, to announce the 1,000th registered architect and engineer to sign their petition www.ae911truth.org

Getting close.. with 970 and counting.. within 30.. and with this media attention.. we are over the hump to effectively challenging key physical laws vs government spin and atrocities..

thanks everyone.. will link to this from FN.

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