American fascism: Obama, "Justice" Dept., Supreme Court prevent prosecution of US torture

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Orwellian Peace Prize winner President Obama is instructing his Department of Justice (DOJ) to block prosecution of torture. The Supreme Court is upholding this "defense."

Impeachment is the constitutional recourse against President Obama and civil officers for their criminal complicity after the fact in torture. Covering-up a crime is a crime. The fact that Congress has not impeached to enforce US law, Constitutional law, and international law is gradually overcoming Americans' blindness to the obvious admission of fact that the US government is a de facto fascist state; a constitutional republic in empty rhetoric only.

Americans should be outraged that their government openly tortures, won't prosecute, and rules in court there is no legal recourse when they torture. I recommend this summary from one of my favorite political and economic analysts, Washington's Blog.

Policy response:Gandhi and Martin Luther King advocated public understanding of the facts and non-cooperation with evil. I’m among hundreds who advocate:

1.Understand the laws of war. These were legislated after WW2 and are crystal-clear that only self-defense, in a narrow legal meaning, can justify war. This investment of your time takes less than an hour and empowers you to legally stand for ending these Wars of Aggression.

2.Communicate. Trust your unique, beautiful, and powerful self-expression to share powerful information as you feel appropriate. Understand that while many people are ready to embrace difficult facts, many are not. Anticipate your virtuous response to being attacked and give it in the spirit of competition, just as you do in other fields.

3.Refuse and end all orders and acts associated with these unlawful wars and constant violation of treaties. Those involved with US military, government, and law enforcement have an oath to protect and defend the US Constitution. Unlawful acts only move forward with sufficient cooperation and public tolerance. Stop cooperating with the most vicious crime a nation can commit: war.

4.Prosecute the war leaders for obvious violation of the letter and spirit of US war laws. You can only understand how these wars are specifically unlawful by investing the time to do so. Because the crimes are so broad and deep, I recommend Truth and Reconciliation (T&R) to exchange full truth and return of stolen US assets for non-prosecution. This is the most expeditious way to understand and end all unlawful and harmful acts. Those who reject T&R either by volunteering their name and/or responding when named are subject to prosecution after the window of T&R closes.
Please watch the articulate 6-minute interview of leading Constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley in his legal analysis.

For outstanding documentation on torture, I recommend, "Can Nobel Prize Winner Obama at LEAST Stop the Torture?" from Washington's Blog.

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